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The Woods

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Alfred Sisley
Women Going to the Woods
1866, France; Bridgestone Museum, Tokyo
Stephen Sondheim
   composed the musical   
Into the Woods (1988)
Harlan Coben
The Woods
2007. Four teenagers vanish ...
Florence Engel Randall
   wrote the book adapted for the film   
The Watcher in the Woods (1980)
Based on the 1976 book
Boobs in the Woods (1950)
Daffy Duck
Also featuring Porky Pig
Boobs in the Woods (1950)
Porky Pig
Also featuring Daffy Duck
The House in the Woods (1957)
Ronald Howard, Patricia Roc and Michael Gough
Director: Maxwell Munden. Also starred Andrea Troubridge, Bill Shine & Norah Hammond. Plot: The spirit of a murdered woman returns to take her revenge.
   is the   
Finnish Demon Spiritess of the Woods
One peek at her face and you'll start feeling ill
Timber Wolf
   is hobo slang for   
A Worker in the Woods
The Babes in the Woods (1917)
Francis Carpenter, Virginia Lee Corbin and Violet Radcliffe
Director: Chester M. Franklin & Sidney Franklin
The DeBeers Series
Into the Woods
2003. Ghost-written by Andrew Neiderman after her death.
   is the   
Slavic God of the Woods
He is manifested through the primeval forests
Flannery O'Connor
An Afternoon In The Woods
Mrs Aylwood
   is played by Bette Davis in   
The Watcher in the Woods (1980)
Also starred: Lynn-Holly Johnson, Kyle Richards, Carroll Baker, David McCallum
Sherwood Anderson
Death in the Woods
The Way Through the Woods
   was written by   
Colin Dexter
1992 Golden Dagger
The Way Through the Woods by Colin Dexter
   was titled from the literary source   
The Way Through the Woods
Rudyard Kipling
Witch’s Lament
   comes from the musical   
Into the Woods
Babe In the Woods
An Easily Victimized Person
Tana French
   won the award for   
In the Woods
The Big Bad Wolf
   was played by Johnny Depp in   
Into the Woods (2014)
Musical fantasy.
Into the Woods (2014)
The Witch
   was played by Kevin Bacon in   
The Woodsman (2004)
Nominated Chlotrudis Award for Best Actor
Count Basie Orchestra
   released the album   
Jumpin' at the Woodside
LP Field
   is nicknamed   
The Woodshed
Nashville, Tennessee -- Home of the Tennessee Titans

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