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The Shadow

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The Shadow Of Your Smile
   featured in the film   
The Sandpiper (1965)
   uttered the last words   
"Even in the Valley of the Shadow of Death, Two and Two Do Not Make Six."
The Shadow
   is the alter ego of   
Lamont Cranston
Tony Bennett
   sang the song   
The Shadow Of Your Smile
   the winner was   
In the Shadow of the Stars
A documentary on struggling opera singers trying to crack the big time
In the Shadow
   in Spanish is   
A La Sombra
Ferdinard Boccia
   has the nickname   
The Shadow
The Shadow
   was written by   
Michael Cristofer
Rebecca (1940)
   has the tagline   
The Shadow of This Woman Darkened Their Love.
   was the first publication of   
The Shadow
Joseph Conrad
The Shadow Line
The Shadow of Your Smile
   was featured in   
The Sandpiper
1965 - Composed by Johnny Mandel, Paul Francis Webster
I Can See My Teenage Father Standing Straight on a Desolate Corner,
In the Shadow of Tentacled Towers
"Hooray for Me" by Bad Religion
The Shadow (1937)
Rita Hayworth, Charles Quigley and Marc Lawrence
Director: Charles C. Coleman. Also starred Arthur Loft, Dick Curtis & Vernon Dent. Plot: Mary Gillespie (Hayworth) is restoring the Col. Gillespie Circus to its former splendor after her father's death...
The Shadow Strikes (1937)
Rod La Rocque, Agnes Anderson and James Blakeley
Director: Lynn Shores. Also starred Walter McGrail, Bruce Kellogg & Cy Kendall. Plot: Lamont Cranston (La Rocque) assumes his secret identity as "The Shadow", to break up an attempted robbery at an attorney's office...
Gene Wolfe
   won the award for   
The Shadow of the Torturer (1981)
Best Novel
The Shadow (1930-1954)
   had the star   
Orson Welles
Welles was the most famous to play character Lamont Cranston (1937 - 1938)
The Shadow (1994)
One Thumb Up. (Ebert)
The Shadow Run
   was written by   
Desmond Lowden
1989 Silver Dagger
The Shadow
   was written by   
Hans Christian Andersen
New Fairy Tales, 1847
Virgil Renchler
   is played by Orson Welles in   
Man In The Shadow (1957)
W. S. Merwin
The Shadow of Sirius
2008; Pulitizer Prize for Poetry, 2009
Craig McCoy
   was played by John Wayne in   
The Shadow Of The Eagle (1932)
The Shadow of Sirius
   was written by   
W. S. Merwin
Copper Canyon Press, 2009
Jeffrey Ford
   won the award for   
The Shadow Year (2009)
Best Novel - Tie
Carlos Ruiz Zafon
The Shadow Of The Wind
2001 novel; Worldwide bestseller
Creeps out Like the Shadow
Smooth and Sophisticated
Carlos Ruiz Zafón
The Shadow of the Wind
2001, translated into English, 2004
Jane Goodall
In the Shadow of Man
Scientific study and inter-species adventure story; a best-selling classic
Amy Gabriel
   is played by Nicole Kidman in   
Watch the Shadows Dance (1987)
The Four Tops
   released the single   
Standing in the Shadows of Love
1966; peaked at #6 on the Billboard Hot 100; included in the Rolling Stone magazine's "Greatest Songs of All Time"
Cliff Richard and The Shadows
   had a U.K. Number One single with   
Summer Holiday
March 9 1963 for 3 weeks
The Shadows
   released the single   
1960; instrumental hit; #1 in the U.K. for 5 weeks; did not chart highly in the U.S.
Black and White
In the Shadows
Cliff Richard and The Shadows
   had a U.K. Number One single with   
The Young Ones
January 13 1962 for 6 weeks
Ralph Waldo Emerson
"Most of the Shadows of This Life Are Caused by Standing in One’s Own Sunshine"
American lecturer, essayist, philosopher, poet and leader of the Transcendentalist movement
Robin Maugham
Escape from the Shadows
Refers to the three huge shadows over Maughams life, his father, his uncle, the writer W. Somerset Maugham and his homosexuality.
The Shadows
   come from   
The U.K.
Fibber McGee & Molly, The Shadow, Allen’s Alley
   are all   
Radio Shows from the 30’s & 40’s
Cliff Richard
The Shadows
Hank B. Marvin
   has played guitar in   
The Shadows
The Shadows
   released the single   
Wonderful Land
1962; instrumental hit in the U.K., lasting 8 weeks as #1; did not make the Billboard Hot 100
The Shadows
   had a U.K. Number One single with   
August 20 1960 for 6 weeks

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