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The Big Easy

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The Big Easy
   is a nickname for   
New Orleans, LA
It is the big easy because of the easy manner in which people live. It's also known as The City That Care Forgot, as well as The Crescent City (The Miss. River flows thru it in a crescent shape).
The Big Easy (1987)
Dennis Quaid, Ellen Barkin and Ned Beatty
Director: Jim McBride. Also starred John Goodman, Lisa Jane Persky & Ebbe Roe Smith. Plot: Set in New Orleans. Remy McSwain (Quaid), lieutenant in Homicide finds that he has two problems, the first of a series of gang killings and Ann Osborne (Barkin), a beautiful attorney from the D.A.'s police corruption task force in his office.
The Big Easy
   the femme fatale was   
Ellen Barkin
Dennis Quaid
   won the Spirit award for   
The Big Easy
1987 - Best Male Lead

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