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A Kiss To Build A Dream On
   featured in the film   
The Strip (1951)
   has the bingo call   
Sunset Strip
The Gaza Strip
   uses the   
new Israeli shekel (ILS)
Bourbon Street Beat
   is a spin-off from   
77 Sunset Strip
Hawaiian Eye
   is a spin-off from   
77 Sunset Strip
Aaron Sorkin
   created the television show   
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
Studio 60 has a 'Bartlet for America' poster on the wall.
   refers to   
Rotund Detective Lives in a Penthouse on Sunset Strip
Has a penchant for expensive things
Individual Fighter/section is Leaving the Formation to Pursue Separate Attacks
Strip Leaves from a Tree
Or bush or any plant, really. Also can be used as an adjective.
To Strip off the Skin or Surface
Yasser Arafat
   International Airport is in   
Rafah, Gaza Strip
It is owned, and was operated by the Palestinian Authority
Bada Bing Strip Club
   is a fictional company in   
The Sopranos
Gaza, Gaza Strip
   is at   
31°31'N 34°27'E
Mike Allen
   won the award for the poem   
The Strip Search
   is in   
Peanuts Comic Strip
Charles Schulz. A bird friend of Snoopy
   is in   
'Calvin & Hobbes' Comic Strip
the sidekick tiger of Calvin. Calvin is an imaginative 6 year-old.
Stadium Acardium
Strip My Mind
Gaza Strip shares borders with 2 other countries.
Egypt, Israel
Sunset _____ (2000)
2000. Comedy drama. The action takes place over the space of a single day in the lives of a group of music artists on L.A.’s Sunset Strip. Stars Jared Leto, Anna Friel and Adam Goldberg.
   has the national animal   
Striped Dolphin
White Stripes
   released the single   
Seven Nation Army (2003)
   is the number of   
Stripes on the American Flag
   released the single   
I'm N Luv (Wit A Stripper) (2006)
Featuring rapper Mike Jones. From the album "Rappa Ternt Sanga".
The Stars and Stripes Forever
   was released by   
Sousa's Band
1897 - inducted in 1998
The White Stripes
   come from   
The U.S.A.
Cut or Tear Into Long Narrow Strips Either by Hand or by Using a Grater or Food Processor
The Comic Strips First "ethnic" Character
"Both Animals Are Covered With Vertical Stripes During Their Session and Move Not at All."
   are the closing lines of   
The Octopus Thinks With Its Arms by Edward Dorn
Stout Cotton Cloth With Woven-in Stripes or Flowers
Jack White
   has played guitar in   
The White Stripes
Christina Aguilera
   released the album   
Stripped (2002)
#1 in US & Canada.
The White Stripes
   released the album   
Icky Thump (2007)
Florida Striped Bark Scorpion
   is found in   
The U.S.A.
Centruroides hentzi
Stripes (1983)
Bill Murray, John Candy and Harold Ramis
"Any of you guys call me Francis, and I'll kill ya."
Cut Into Long Thin Strips
The White Stripes
   sang the song   
Why Can't You Be Nicer To Me?
Tigers Have Striped Skin As Well As Striped Fur
Metallic Security Strip, Watermark
   are all   
Features of American Paper Currency
To help prevent counterfeiting. Also O.V.I. - Optically Variable Ink which changes colors depending on the viewing angle…
The White Stripes
   band members are   
Jack & Meg White
A Black and Yellow Striped Arctic Monster
Used for its fur

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