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St. George

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Wassily Kandinsky
St. George and the Dragon
1915; Russian; Expressionism; oil on canvas; Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia
St. George and the Dragon
1518-1594, Italy; National Gallery, London
St. George Was a British Saint Famous for Slaying a Dragon
St. George was born in Nicodemia, in what is now Turkey
Isle St. George
   is situated in   
The Order of St. George the Triumphant
   was founded by   
Catherine the Great
Trina S. Hyman
   won for   
St. George and the Dragon (1985)
St. George and the Dragon
C. 1505-1506, oil on panel; National Gallery of Art, Washington DC
St. George
   was formerly the capital of   
Moved to Hamilton, 1612 - 1815
Stan Freberg
   reached no. 1 in the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 with   
St. George and the Dragonet
1953; 4 weeks as #1 on the Billboard pop chart
Queen's Park
   test cricket ground is in   
St. George's
The National Cricket Stadium in Grenada, West Indies was first used for Test cricket on 28th June 2002
Point Salines
   International Airport is in   
St. George’s Grenada
Has begun work to renovate and add the facilities that were heavily damaged by hurricane Ivan in 2004
   has the capital   
St. George's
Sahara Oval St. George's
   test cricket ground is in   
Port Elizabeth
Eastern Cape, South Africa was first used for Test cricket on 12th March 1889

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