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To Soak Flax
Softens and separates the fibers in order to produce textiles.
Sheryl Crow
   released the single   
Soak Up The Sun (2002)
Soak Food in a Seasoned, Often Acidic Liquid Before Cooking
To add flavour and/or tenderise e.g. marinate steak
Add Enough Liquid to Dry Ingredients to Dampen but Not Soak Them
Soak Up the Sun, Good is Good, All I Wanna Do
   are all   
Songs by Sheryl Crow
   is a gangster term for   
To Pawn
Idlewild and Soak Zone
   is situated in   
The U.S.A.
Ligonier, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
"I Shiver, Cross Myself, Soak Myself With Holy Water, Carve Talismans, Touch Wood, Iron, My Pendant"
   are the closing lines of   
Magic Spell by Bartolo Cattafi
Sicilian, 1922-1979
Honky Tonk Woman
   has the lyric:   
I Met a Gin Soaked Bar-room Queen in Memphis
Rolling Stones
Trempé Comme Une Soupe
Soaking Wet
Soaked like a soup
Gulab Jamun
Fried Balls of Khoya Soaked in Sugar Syrup
A Marsh or Swamp Deposit of Water-soaked Plant Remains
Soak; Dye; Impregnate; Permeate

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