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Sir Martin Frobisher

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Sir Martin Frobisher
Began Three Trips Looking for NW Passage in 1535
British privateer who discovered Baffin Bay, Resolution Island and Frobisher Bay. Is said to have held first Canadian thanksgiving feast in what is now Newfoundland.
Sir Martin Frobisher
   was captain of   
The Triumph
Also captained the Gabriel, the Ayde and the Primrose. An English seaman who made three voyages to the New World to look for the Northwest Passage. He thought he had discovered gold but it was fool's gold. Was an English privateer/pirate (sanctioned by the government). He was later knighted for his service in repelling the Spanish Armada in 1588. He captained the Primrose as as vice-admiral to Sir Francis Drake in his expedition to the West Indies in 1585. In 1586 he was given command of the largest man-o-war – Triumph – in the battle against the Spanish Armada.

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