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Sebastian Bach

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Sebastian Bach
   is the stage name of   
Sebastian Bierk
Vocalist with Skid Row
Sebastian Bach
   has been a vocalist in   
Skid Row
Real name Sebastian Bierk
Johann Sebastian Bach
   was born on   
March 21, 1685
Johann Sebastian Bach Was Born
Prolific German composer was the epitome of the Baroque Era.
Johann Sebastian Bach
   lifespan was   
Prolific German composer
Johann Sebastian Bach
   was born in   
Eisenach, Germany
1685-1750. German composer, is considered the greatest genius of the Baroque music
   is the number of   
Children Fathered by Johann Sebastian Bach
Johann Sebastian Bach
   was born in   
1685-1750; one of the best loved composers of all time
Johann Sebastian Bach
Violin Concerto in A Minor, BWV 1041
One of many concerti from the great Papa Bach
Johann Sebastian Bach
   is buried in   
Thomaskirche, Leipzig, Germany
Composer and organist; in front of the altar, d. 1750

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