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San Marino

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San Marino
   has this flag:   

   is the international car registration for   
San Marino
RSM = Republic of San Marino
San Marino
   uses the   
euro (EUR)
   is an official language of   
San Marino
   internet domain is used by   
San Marino
San Marino
   has the anthem   
Inno Nazionale Della Repubblica
Giubilanti d'amore fraterno (until 1894)
San Marino
   is governed by a   
Parliamentary Republic
San Marino
   has the mark   
San Marino
   is situated in   
San Marino
   has the national flower   
The Cyclamen
Lesotho, Vatican City, San Marino
   are all   
Enclaved Countries
Countries completely surrounded by another country… Lesotho and Swaziland are both enclaves of South Africa, and San Marino is an enclave of Italy.
Vatican City, Monaco, Nauru, Tuvalu, San Marino
   are all   
Smallest Countries in the World
From smallest …. in order of increasing land area
San Marino
   has a motto   
San Marino €2
Il Palazzo Pubblico
"The Public Palace".
San Marino €1
The Official Coat-of-arms
Of the Republic of San Marino.
San Marino 50c
The Three Towers
La Guaita, La Cesta, and Il Montale.
San Marino 20c
St. Marino Pictured Holding the the Three Towers, Inspired by the School of Guercino
San Marino 10c
The Basilica
Of San Marino.
San Marino 5c
The First Tower
La Guaita.
San Marino 2c
The Statue of Liberty
By Stefano Galletti.
San Marino 1c
The Third Tower, Il Montale
San Marino
   calls its legislative assembly   
Consiglio Grande E Generale
   was the debut year for   
San Marino
1st entry for the small country San Marino. Represented by Miodio with the song Complice.
San Marino
   is the site of   
San Marino Historic Centre and Mount Titano
Added 2008
San Marino
   has an area of   
61 Km²
   largest country in the world is   
San Marino
61 km²
San Marino
   is at   
43°56'N 12°26'E
San Marino
San Marino, San Marino
   is at   
43°55'N 12°30'E
San Marino
   has the country calling code   
San Marino
   has the time zone   
Central European Time (CET)
San Marino

San Marino shares borders with 1 other countries.
Captains Regent Luca Boschi and Mariella Mularoni
   is Head of State of   
San Marino
Since October 2019. The Captains Regent are elected every six months.

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