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Saddam Hussein

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   was the year   
Saddam Hussein Became Ruler of Iraq
An anagram is 'Sauna Shed Dims'.
Saddam Hussein
   was a   
Iraqi dictator
Saddam Hussein
   lifespan was   
The 5th President of Iraq and Chairman of the Iraqi Revolutionary Command Council from 1979 until his overthrow by US forces in 2003.
Saddam Hussein
   is/was the   
President of Iraq
His name in Arabic means 'One who confronts'.
Saddam Hussein Captured by US Forces, Human Genome Project Completed, Concorde Retired
   are all   
Major Events of 2003
Saddam Hussein

5th President of Iraq, 1979-2003
Saddam Hussein
   was a   
Born 1937; started the Iraqi-Iran War resulting in over a million casualties between 1980 and 1988 ; invaded Kuwait in 1990, leading to the Persian Gulf War in 1992; overthrown by the U.S. and U.K. in 2003; executed.

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