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   beer comes from   
Spluga Della Preta
   is located in   
875 Meters in Depth
Skills, Transitions, Execution, Choreography, Interpretation
   are all   
Figure Skating Components To Be Judged
Apretarse El CinturĂ³n
To Economize
To tighten one's belt
Dream Interpretation
   is by   
Sigmund Freud
Book I, Chap. XIII.
   contains the canon law concerning   
How Vain and Trifling Are the Interpretations of the Stoics Respecting the Gods
Book I - Of the False Worship of the Gods
The Study or Theory of the Methodical Interpretation of Text, Especially Holy Texts
The American Revolution: A Constitutional Interpretation
   was written by   
Charles Howard McIlwain
Robert Holly, Har Khorana and Marshall W. Nirenberg
   won for work on   
The Interpretation of the Genetic Code
1968 - It's function in protein synthesis
Sigmund Freud
The Interpretation of Dreams
1913. Pyschology. Original title: 'Die Traumdeutung' 1899
Friedrich Nietzsche
"There Are No Facts, Only Interpretations"

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