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Phyllis Nelson
   had a U.K. Number One single with   
Move Closer
April 28 1985 for 1 week
   is a spin-off from   
The Mary Tyler Moore Show
Phyllis Wheatley
   died in   
1784 aged 31 from Poverty
poet, first Afro-American writer published in US American
A Leaf
Origin: Greek
   the winner was   
Phyllis Ann George
Denton, Texas
Phyllis Kirk
   was an   
Played Nora Charles opposite Peter Lawford in the 1950's TV series "The Thin Man"
   appears in   
Jennifer Jones
   is the stage name of   
Phyllis Lee Isley
Actress, American
   featured the character   
Phyllis Lumsden
Played by Barbara Lott
Lois Lane
   was portrayed by   
Phyllis Coates
“Adventures of Superman” (1952-53) TV
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
   wrote the book adapted for the film   
Shiloh (1996)
Based on the 1991 book
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
   wrote the book adapted for the film   
Shiloh 2: Shiloh Season (1999)
Based on the 1996 book 'Shiloh Season'
Another Time, Another Place (1983)
Phyllis Logan, Giovanni Mauriello and Denise Coffey
Director: Michael Radford. Also starred Tom Watson, Gianluca Favilla & Gregor Fisher. Won BAFTA Film Award
Broken Journey (1948)
Phyllis Calvert, James Donald and Francis L. Sullivan
Director: Ken Annakin & Michael C. Chorlton. Also starred Margot Grahame, Raymond Huntley & Derek Bond
Fanny by Gaslight (1944)
Phyllis Calvert, James Mason and Wilfred Lawson
Director: Anthony Asquith. Also starred Stewart Granger, Jean Kent & Margaretta Scott
Inspector Hornleigh Goes to It (1941)
Gordon Harker, Alastair Sim and Phyllis Calvert
Director: Walter Forde. Also starred Edward Chapman, Charles Oliver & Raymond Huntley
Let George Do It! (1940)
George Formby, Phyllis Calvert and Garry Marsh
Romney Brent, Bernard Lee & Coral Browne
Madonna of the Seven Moons (1945)
Phyllis Calvert, Stewart Granger and Patricia Roc
Director: Arthur Crabtree. Also starred Peter Glenville, John Stuart & Nancy Price
The Man in Grey (1943)
Margaret Lockwood, Phyllis Calvert and James Mason
Director: Leslie Arliss. Also starred Stewart Granger, Harry Scott & Martita Hunt
Two Thousand Women (1944)
Phyllis Calvert, Flora Robson and Patricia Roc
Director: Frank Launder. Also starred Renee Houston, Reginald Purdell & Anne Crawford
Uncensored (1942)
Eric Portman, Phyllis Calvert and Griffin Jones
Director: Anthony Asquith. Also starred Raymond Lovell, Peter Glenville & Frederick Culley
Secrets & Lies (1996)
Timothy Spall, Phyllis Logan and Brenda Blethyn
Director: Mike Leigh. Also starred Claire Rushbrook, Marianne Jean-Baptiste & Elizabeth Berrington
Murder! (1930)
Herbert Marshall, Norah Baring and Phyllis Konstam
Director: Alfred Hitchcock. Also starred Edward Chapman, Miles Mander & Esme Percy
The Rasp (1932)
Claude Horton, Phyllis Loring and C. M. Hallard
Director: Michael Powell. Also starred James Raglan, Thomas Weguelin & Carol Coobe
Phyllis Dietrichson in the Film Double Indemnity(1944)
   is played by   
Barbara Stanwyck
Mandy (1952)
Phyllis Calvert, Jack Hawkins and Terence Morgan
Director: Alexander Mackendrick. Also starred Godfrey Tearle, Mandy Miller & Marjorie Fielding. Plot: Mandy Garland (Miller) was born deaf and has been mute for all of her life. Her parents believe she is able to speak if she can only be taught and enroll her with a special teacher.
Mr. Denning Drives North (1952)
John Mills, Phyllis Calvert and Eileen Moore
Director: Anthony Kimmins. Also starred Sam Wanamaker, Herbert Lom & Raymond Huntley. Plot: When well-off aircraft designer Denning (Mills) finds his daughter's current boyfriend is a nasty character he tries to buy him off...
The Net (1957)
Phyllis Calvert, James Donald and Robert Beatty
Director: Anthony Asquith. Also starred Herbert Lom, Muriel Pavlow & Noel Willman. Plot: A secret jet aircraft capable of traveling three times the speed of sound is being developed by a group of scientists secretly...
Up in Mabel's Room (1926)
Marie Prevost, Harrison Ford and Phyllis Haver
Director: E. Mason Hopper. Also starred Harry Myers, Sylvia Breamer & Paul Nicholson. Plot: Mabel (Prevost) catches her husband buying lingerie, and he won't explain who it's for. She divorces him, but later learns he was buying her an anniversary gift. She becomes determined to win him back.
The Drifter (1932)
William Farnum, Noah Beery and Phyllis Barrington
Director: William A. O'Connor. Also starred Charles Sellon, Bruce Warren & Russell Hopton. Plot: A man known as The Drifter (Farnum) returns home to his cabin in the woods and winds up getting involved with an escaped convict, a gunfighter, lumber company rivals, mysterious family ties and murder.
Sucker Money (1933)
Mischa Auer, Phyllis Barrington and Earl McCarthy
Director: Dorothy Davenport & Melville Shyer. Also starred Ralph Lewis, Fletcher Norton & Mae Busch. Plot: A phony spiritualist hypnotizes the daughter of a wealthy banker in a scheme to swindle the banker out of his money. A reporter investigating the swami discovers the plot, determines to expose it.
Charlie Chan in Honolulu (1938)
Sidney Toler, Phyllis Brooks and Victor Sen Yung
Director: H. Bruce Humberstone. Also starred Eddie Collins, John 'Dusty' King. Plot: While Charlie (Toler) is distracted with the birth of his first grandchild, son Jimmy (Yung) impersonates his father in order to investigate a murder aboard a freighter in the harbor.
Charlie Chan in Reno (1939)
Sidney Toler, Ricardo Cortez and Phyllis Brooks
Director: Norman Foster. Also starred Slim Summerville, Kane Richmond & Pauline Moore. Plot: Mary Whitman (Moore), an old friend of Charlie's (Toler) in Reno for a divorce, finds herself accused of murdering the woman her husband planned to marry after the decree became final.
The Fat Spy (1966)
Phyllis Diller, Jack E. Leonard and Brian Donlevy
Director: Joseph Cates. Also starred Johnny Tillotson, Jayne Mansfield & Lauree Berger. Plot: Off the coast of Florida, a nearly-deserted island is rumored to have the fountain of youth. A boatload of teenage kids are headed there for a scavenger hunt.
River Beat (1954)
John Bentley, Phyllis Kirk and Leonard White
Director: Guy Green. Also starred Glyn Houston, Patrick Jordan & Robert Ayres. Plot: A London police inspector is patrolling the river looking for smugglers, when he becomes attracted to a woman working as a ship's radio operator...
Murder! (1930)
Herbert Marshall, Norah Baring, Phyllis Konstam, Edward Chapman
Also starring Miles Mander
Phyllis Dietrichson
   is in the movie   
Double Indemnity (1944)
Barbara Stanwyck
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
Times Three: Selected Verse From Three Decades
   was written by   
Phyllis McGinley
Viking, 1961
Phyllis Diller
   was a   
D. 2012
Phyllis Whitney
   was an   
American mystery writer of over 70 novels, d. 2008, age 104
Phyllis Diller
"Maybe It's True That Life Begins at Fifty but Everything else Starts to Wear out Fall out or Spread Out."

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