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Pancho Villa

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Pancho Villa
   uttered the last words   
"Don't Let It End Like This. Tell Them I Said Something."
Mexican revolutionary, d. 1923
Pancho Villa
   comes from   
The Philippines
World Flyweight boxing championship in 1923. He was never knocked out in his entire boxing career, which ended with his sudden death at the age of 23 from complications following a tooth extraction.
   was the year   
Pancho Villa Was Killed
Charismatic Mexican revolutionary
Eugenio Martín
Pancho Villa (1972)
After being double-crossed in an arms deal, Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa and an arms dealer raid a US Army weapons depot in retaliation.
Pancho Villa
   fought out of   
The Philippines
Old Timer. Inducted 1994
Pancho Villa
   is buried in   
Manila North Cemetery, Philippines
Famous boxer (1901-1925); real name, Francisco Guilledo

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