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No Time

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Moses Hadas
"Thank You for Sending Me a Copy of Your Book; I'll Waste No Time Reading It."
No Time to Cry
   featured on   
Bitter Suites to Succubi
It is No Time to Go for the Doctor when
The Patient is Dead
Next To No Time
   featured the   
Queen Elizabeth
No Time to Die (1958)
Victor Mature, Leo Genn and Bonar Colleano
Director: Terence Young. Also starred Anthony Newley, Alfred Burke & Richard Marner. Plot: Daniel Thatcher (Mature) is an American sergeant serving with a British tank corps in North Africa. He and most of his unit are captured by the Germans...
No Time to Lose
   was performed by   
Cleese, Idle, Jones and Palin
Captain: "Right, sergeant maior - there's no time to lose." RSM: "Beg pardon, sir?" Captain: "No tirne to lose." RSM: "No what, sir?" Captain: "No time ... no time to lose." RSM: "Oh, I see, sir. (making gestures) No time ... to ... lose!!" Captain: "Yes, that's right, yes." RSM: "Yes, no time to lose, sir!" Captain: "Right." RSM: "Isn't that funny, sir... I've never come across that phrase before - 'no time to lose'. Forty-two years I've been in the regular army and I've never heard that phrase."
Mildred Austin
   performed the blues song   
My Papa Doesn't Two-Time No Time (1927)
Reggatta De Blanc
No Time This Time
Dis Aint No Time for An Argument
   was composed by   
Rosamond Johnson
Black Country Communion
No Time
Black Country Communion
No Time
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984)
   contains the line   
"No Time for Love, Dr. Jones!"

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