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Mother Teresa

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   the winner was   
Mother Teresa
India, 1910-1997; Leader of Missionaries of Charity, Calcutta
Mother Teresa
   was born on   
August 27, 1910
Albanian Roman Catholic nun; winner of the Nobel Peace Prize
Mother Teresa
   lifespan was   
Albanian nun who worked with Indian poor until her death.
Mother Teresa Day (Albania)
   is held on   
October 19th
Mother Teresa
   won the award for   
Peace and International Understanding
1962 India
Mother Teresa
   is buried in   
Mother House Convent, Calcutta, India
Religious figure, 1910-1997
Mother Teresa
   was a   
Nobel Prize Laureate
Also a saint
Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu (Mother Teresa)
   was born in   
Skopje, Macedonia
1910-1997. Received the 1979 Nobel Peace Prize for her work with the poor
"Smile at Each Other, Make Time for Each Other in Your Family"
   is an extract from the   
Mother Teresa’s Nobel Lecture Speech (1979)

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