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Mother Goddess

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   is the Egyptian   
Mother Goddess
And fertility. Cow or woman with cow's ears and horns and sun disc on head. Sky-goddess of love, beauty, motherhood, foreign lands, mining, and music.
   is the Egyptian   
Vulture (or Woman With Vulture Headdress) Mother Goddess
   is the   
Irish Mother Goddess
Associated with fertility and sometimes considered to be the ancestor of all the Gods (Tuatha de Danann). Anu was also the patroness of springs and fountains, accounting for the numerous St. Anne's Wells throughout Britain today.
   is the   
Main Mother Goddess of Ireland
Brighid is often considered the triple goddess. History tells that the Dagda and Boann had three daughters that were all named Brighid. This combination gives her the traits of wisdom, divination, fire, heath, poetry, prophecy, healing, smithing, and learning.
Ix Chebel Yax
   is the Mayan   
Mother Goddess
Is also the goddess of weaving.
   is the   
Finnish Earth Mother Goddess
   is the   
Inuit Mother Goddess of Creation
Mother Goddess
   was made in   
Terracotta, c. 3000 BC; Islamabad University, Islamabad

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