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   is the killing of   
One's Mother
Alma Mater
Nurturing Mother
Mater Dolorosa
Sorrowful Mother
The Virgin Mary.
Little Nicky (2000)
   has the tagline   
If Your Father Was the Evil and Your Mother Was an Angel, You'd Be Messed up Too.
Not Another Teen Movie (2001)
   has the tagline   
The Teen Mother of All Movies!
Mother Jefferson
   appears in   
The Jeffersons
3 Little Kittens
   has the line   
"Oh Mother Dear, We Sadly Fear That We Have Lost Our Mittens"
Agnes Skinner
Skinner's Mother
Also dated comic book guy
James A. Whistler
Arrangement in Grey and Black: Portrait of the Painter's Mother
1871; American; Musée d'Orsay, Paris
A Matronym
A Name Derived from the Name of One’s Mother
Mother Theresa
A Humanitarian Worker in India
Born Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu, August 26, 1910, died September 5, 1997
Mother and Father
   in Spanish is   
Madre Y Padre
   in Polish is   
   in German is   
   has the lyric:   
Momma's Gonna Make All of Your Nightmares Come True
Pink Floyd
She's the Spit of Her Mother
A Daughter Who Behaves in an Identical Way to Her Mother
Parent Ship
Mother and Son
   featured the character   
Arthur Beare
Played by Garry McDonald
Mother and Son
   featured the character   
Robert Beare
Played by Henri Szeps
Mother and Son
   featured the character   
Deidre Beare
Played by Suzanne Roylance
Mother and Son
   featured the character   
Damien Beare
Played by Kristen Vega
John Travolta's Mother Was in 'Saturday Night Fever'
Had a cameo as a woman in the hardware store, waiting for her paint.
Funny Looking Kid With a Good Looking Mother
Hysterical Mother Figure
Stage Mother
Person Accompanying Patient and Encouraging Patient to Exaggerate the Complaint
Often to obtain a particular diagnosis or to get an unnecessary prescription
His Mother Was a Famous Peter Pan, I Dream of Jeannie, Star of TV’s Dallas
   are all   
Facts About Larry Hagman
Larry Hagman’s mother was Mary Martin, who was THE most famous Peter Pan in the play’s history.
A Bear, Mother to Junior and Wife to Paw
Mother Was a Rooster (1962)
Foghorn Leghorn
   in Hindi is   
"Smile at Each Other, Make Time for Each Other in Your Family"
   is an extract from the   
Mother Teresa’s Nobel Lecture Speech (1979)
   in Kannada is   
Theodore Roosevelt's Wife and Mother Both Died on Valentine's Day
February 14, 1884
   in Irish is   
American Pie (1999)
   contains the line   
"We'll Just Tell Your Mother That … We Ate It All."
Die Hard (1988)
   contains the line   
"Yippie-ki-yay, Mother F***ker!"
The Beautiful Voice
Songs My Mother Taught Me
Mother Mary
   is a character in the song   
"Let It Be"
Mother Francis Xavier Cabrini
   was/were the first   
Canonized American Saint
Yefimyev Mother of God Monastery
   was created by   
Fyodor Dostoevsky
Site of the cell of Bishop Tikhon in "The Possessed"
Lies My Mother Told Me (2005)
   is a film about   
Elisa McNabney
Killed her husband with an overdose of horse tranquilizers to cover up her embezellment of his business accounts.
Peg's Mother
   features in   
Married With Children
Reggie's Mother in Law
   features in   
The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin
We don't see her but see Reggie's image of her as an hippo!
Minnie Caldwell's Mother
   features in   
Coronation Street
Mother Teresa
   is buried in   
Mother House Convent, Calcutta, India
Religious figure, 1910-1997
La Necesidad Hace Maestros
Necessity is the Mother of Invention
Necessity makes masters
Jacqueline Bouvier
Marge Simpson's Mother
Also mother of Selma and grandmother of Bart, Lisa and Maggie
Mona Simpson
The Mother of Homer Simpson
Wife of Abe Simpson
Mother Teresa
   was a   
Nobel Prize Laureate
Also a saint
Mother Monster
   is a nickname of   
Lady Gaga
Stephanie Germanotta took her stage name from the Queen song Radio Ga-Ga. Her fans are "Li'l Monsters".

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