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Miss Mowcher

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Miss Mowcher
   appeared in the Dickens novel   
David Copperfield
Dwarf hairdresser and manicurist of Steerforth. David, expecting to meet Miss Mowcher for the first time reports: "I looked at the doorway and saw nothing. I was still looking at the doorway, thinking that Miss Mowcher was a long while making her appearance, when, to my infinite astonishment, there came waddling round a sofa which stood between me and it, a pursy dwarf, of about forty or forty-five, with a very large head and face, a pair of roguish grey eyes, and such extremely little arms, that, to enable herself to lay a finger archly against her snub nose, as she ogled Steerforth, she was obliged to meet the finger half-way, and lay her nose against it. Her chin, which was what is called a double chin, was so fat that it entirely swallowed up the strings of her bonnet, bow and all". See sidebar on Copperfield page.

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