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   features in   
La Boheme
Seamstress; lead soprano in the Puccini favorite
'Allo 'Allo!
   featured the character   
Played by Sue Hodge
Mimi Goese
   has been a vocalist in   
Hugo Largo
(Her last name rhymes with hazy) American
Courage of Black Beauty (1957)
Johnny Crawford, Mimi Gibson and John Bryant
Director: Harold D. Schuster. Also starred Diane Brewster, J. Pat O'Malley & Russell Johnson. Plot: Boy is given a young colt to raise as his own.
The Small Spirits That Inhabit Rocks in Western Arnhemland
A Koori myth
Mariah Carey
   released the album   
The Emancipation Of Mimi (2005)
Singles: We Belong Together, It's Like That, Shake It Off, Get Your Number.
Mimi (1935)
Douglas Fairbanks Jr, Gertrude Lawrence and Diana Napier
Director: Paul L. Stein. Also starred Harold Warrender, Carol Goodner & Richard Bird. Plot: The story of a struggling playwright (Fairbanks, Jr) in 1850s Paris and his mate (Gertrude Lawrence)...
   is missing from the title of   
The ___ of Mimi
Mariah Carey (2005)
Mimi Rogers
   appeared as themselves in the film   
The Player (1992)
Mimi Rogers (born January 27, 1956) is an American movie actress and competitive poker player.
Dashiell Hammett
   created the character   
Mimi Jorgensen
The Thin Man, 1934
   is the   
Australian Aboriginal Trickster God
"The Emancipation of Mimi"
   was released by   
Mariah Carey
2006 - Best Contemporary R&B Album
Peter Petrelli
   has the power of   
Power Mimicry
Peter's original ability allows him to acquire the powers of others. This ability was stripped by his father, Arthur Petrelli.
Bird Mimic
Carnivore, Bipedal, stood 3.5ft, length 5ft, fossils have been found in Mongolia and China, a small birdlike dinosaur, but was probably a swift runner, preying upon lizards and insects
Chicken Mimic
Also 'Fowl mimic' and 'Rooster mimic'. It looked like an ostrich but it was a very fast bird/dinosaur
Gertsch Antmimic Spider
   has the Latin name   
Castianeira Gertschi
Corinnidae Family
Liberal Paradox
   states that   
It is Impossible to Have Both a Commitment to Miminal Liberty and Pareto Optimality
Antmimic Jumper Spider
   has the Latin name   
Peckhamia Picata
Salticidae Family
Ancient Bird Mimic
Carnivore, Bipedal, stood 6ft, length 11ft, found in China, it hand three long fingers on each hand
Redspotted Antmimic Spider
   has the Latin name   
Castianeira Descripta
Corinnidae Family
Imitation, Limitation
   is the rhyming definition of   
Mimic, Gimmick
The Time Machine (1960)
Rod Taylor, Alan Young and Yvette Mimieux
Director: George Pal. Also starred Sebastian Cabot, Tom Helmore & Whit Bissell. Plot: A Victorian Englishman travels to the far future and finds that humanity has divided into two hostile species. Won an Oscar.
La Bohème
   features the duet   
O Mimi, Tu Più Non Torni
Twobanded Antmimic Spider
   has the Latin name   
Castianeira Cingulata
Corinnidae Family
La Bohème
   features the aria   
"Si, Mi Chiamano Mimi"
Puccini; first act soprano
The Time Machine (1960)
Rod Taylor, Sebastian Cabot and Yvette Mimieux
You will orbit into the fantastic future.

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