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   is the Roman God of   
The Moon
Luna 3
The First to Take Images of Lunar Far Side
Though it returned rather poor pictures by later standards, the never-before-seen views of the Moon's far side caused excitement & interest when they were published. These views showed mountainous terrain, very different from the near side, and only two dark, low-lying regions which were named Mare Moscovrae (Sea of Moscow) and Mare Desiderii (Sea of Desire). Mare Desiderii was later found to be composed of a smaller mare, Mare Ingenii (Sea of Ingenuity), and other dark craters.
Luna 1
The First to Complete a Lunar Flyby
Also known as Mechta (Russian: Мечта, lit.: Dream) was the first spacecraft to reach the vicinity of the Moon and the first of the Luna programme of Soviet automatic interplanetary stations successfully launched in the direction of the Moon. The name "Luna-1" was applied retroactively years later. Luna-1 was originally referred to as the "First Cosmic Rocket", in reference to its achievement of escape velocity.
Luna 2
The First to Reach the Surface of the Moon
The 2nd of the Soviet Union's Luna program spacecraft launched in the direction of the Moon. It impacted the lunar surface west of Mare Serenitatis near the craters Aristides, Archimedes, and Autolycus on Sept. 14, 1959. There were no propulsion systems on Luna 2 itself.
Il Conte Di Luna
   features in   
Il Trovatore
Baritone role in this middle-period Verdi opera
   in Italian is   
   in Spanish is   
Bernardo Bertolucci
La Luna (1979)
Balance, Performance, Luna
   are all   
Brands of Power Bars
Luna Park Melbourne
   is situated in   
Melbourne, Victoria
Luna Park Sydney
   is situated in   
Sydney, New South Wales
Luna De Meil (1959)
Anthony Steel. Ludmilla Tchérina and Antonio
Director: Michael Powell. Also starred Léonide Massine, Rosita Segovia & Carmen Rojas. Plot: Australian famer Kit Kelly (Steel) and his new bride Anna (Tchérina) are driving through Europe when they help a stranded motorist...
   has a variety named   
NuMex Luna
Planted in the Fall in the southern US.
The Beautiful Voice
Luna Epilogo
Composed by Jose Maria Cano
   in Hawaiian is   
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
Lily Potter
   has the middle name(s)   
Harry Potter's daughter
   is shaped like a   
Theo Kogan
   has been a vocalist in   
Arnold Schoenberg
"Pierrot Lunaire"
Op. 21; 21-song cycle
Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights (2004)
Diego Luna, Sela Ward and John Slattery
Director: Guy Ferland
Cataluna (Catalunya, Catalonia)
   is located in   
More important for cork-production
Lunar Module "Eagle"
The First Manned Lunar Lander
A Saturn V launched Apollo 11, carrying the Eagle lunar module, from the Kennedy Space Center on July 16, 1969 at 13:32 UTC. On landing Neil Armstrong reported “Houston, Tranquillity Base here. The Eagle has landed.” At 02:56 UTC on July 21, 1969, Neil Armstrong made his descent to the Moon's surface six and a half hours after landing.
Scaphoid, Lunate, Metacarpal, Phlanges
   are all   
Bones of the Hands
Vincent Lunardi
   appeared in   
Conquest Of The Air
Friedrich Nietzsche
"A Casual Stroll Through the Lunatic Asylum Shows That Faith Does Not Prove Anything."
German philosopher
A Lunar Eclipse Takes Place when the Earth is Directly Between the Sun and the Moon
Lunar Jetman

Rock hard.
Astronauts Brought Back About 800 Pounds of Lunar Rock to Earth
Most of it has not been analyzed
Greg Beatty
   won the award for the poem   
No Ruined Lunar City
   in Filipino is   
The White Part of a Fingernail is Called the 'Luna'
It's actually the 'lunula'
Rebecca West
"The Main Difference Between Men and Women is That Men Are Lunatics and Women Are Idiots."
You’re a Lovable Lunatic
   comes from the musical   
Crescent Nail-tail Wallaby
Onychogalea Lunata (extinct)

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