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Keith Duffy
   has been a vocalist in   
Keith Flint
   has been a vocalist in   
The Prodigy
Keith Moon
   has played drums in   
The Who
Keith Wilder
   has been a vocalist in   
Heatwave had a UK number 2 in 1977 with "Boogie Nights"
Keith Richards
   has played guitar in   
The Rolling Stones
Keith Richards
   released the album   
Main Offender (1992)
Keith Emerson
   has played keyboards in   
The three members were Emerson, Lake and Palmer - hence the name.
Keith Whitley
   died in   
1989 aged 34 from Alcohol Poisoning
country western singer American
But for the Grace of God
   was sung by   
Keith Urban
Keith Urban
   released the single   
You'll Think Of Me (2005)
Toby Keith
   released the song   
Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue (The Angry American)
2002. A song about his father's patriotism and faith in the USA.
Keith Urban
   released the song   
Days Go By
Keith Emerson
   was formerly employed as a   
Bank Clerk
Keith Knudsen
   was a   
D. Feb 8th 2005 -- drummer for the Doobie Brothers
Sir Keith Park
   is known as an   
Air Commodore
1892-1975, was a senior commander in the Royal Air Force in the WWII, he was in tactical command during two of the most significant air battles in the European theatre in the Second World War, The Battle of Britain and the Battle of Malta
Syd Barrett
   is the stage name of   
Roger Keith Barrett
English singer, best known as a founding member of Pink Floyd
An Officer and a Gentleman (1982)
Richard Gere, Debra Winger and David Keith
Director: Taylor Hackford
   is a name shared by   
John, David, Keith
Actor, Actor (TV series Kung Fu), Actor/singer
   is a name shared by   
Blanche, Abraham, Keith
US Senator, US President, US Pro football player
The Wild One (1954)
Marlon Brando, Mary Murphy, Robert Keith and Lee Martin
Director: Laszlo Benedek. Also starred Jay C. Flippen, Peggy Maley and Hugh Sanders. Plot: Two rival motorcycle gangs terrorize a small town after one of their leaders is thrown in jail.
Christine (1983)
Keith Gordon, John Stockwell and Alexandra Paul
Director: John Carpenter
Adventures in Babysitting (1987)
Elisabeth Shue, Maia Brewton and Keith Coogan
Director: Chris Columbus. Also starred Vincent D'Onofrio and Penelope Ann Miller
Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead (1991)
Christina Applegate, Joanna Cassidy and Keith Coogan
Director: Stephen Herek. Also starred David Duchovny, John Getz and Josh Charles
The Legend of Billie Jean (1985)
Helen Slater, Peter Coyote and Keith Gordon
Director: Matthew Robbins. Also starred Christian Slater, Richard Bradford, Yeardley Smith and Dean Stockwell. All Billie Jean wanted was $608 from the boy who broke her brother's scooter. But when you come from a small town in Texas, justice is something you have to win for yourself. Billie Jean didn't mean to become a fugitive. She'd never heard of Joan Of Arc...
The Six Wifes of Henry VIII (1970)
Keith Mitchell, Annette Crosbie and Dorothy Tutin
Director: Naomi Capon & John Glenister. Also starred Anne Stallybrass, Elvi Hale & Angela Pleasence. Won Primetime Emmy
Keith Samples
A Smile Like Yours (1997)
Anthony Keith Gwynn (1982-2001)
   had the nickname   
"Captain Video"
The Man in the Back Seat (1961)
Derren Nesbitt, Keith Faulkner, Carol White and Harry Locke
Director: Vernon Sewell.
   is the stage name of   
James Barry Keefer
U. S. vocalist
Glen Keith
   is distilled in   
Frightmare (1974)
Rupert Davies, Sheila Keith and Deborah Fairfax
Director: Pete Walker. Also starred Paul Greenwood, Kim Butcher & Fiona Curzon. Plot: Edmund (Davies) and Dorothy (Keith) Yates are freed after fifteen years in an asylum.
Ian Keith
   was considered for the role of   
Count Dracula in Dracula (1931)
Bela Lugosi got the part
William Holden
   was considered for the role of   
Capt. Keith Mallory in The Guns of Navarone (1961)
Gregory Peck got the part
   's clan motto is   
"Truth Conquers"
Choose Me (1984)
Geneviève Bujold, Keith Carradine and Lesley Ann Warren
Director: Alan Randolph. Also starred Patrick Bauchau, Rae Dawn Chong & John Larroquette. Plot: Several lost-soul night-owls, including a nightclub owner, a talkback radio relationships counseller...
Keith Richards
   was in the episode   
How I Spent My Strummer Vacation
As himself
Keith Emerson
   has played keyboards in   
Also a composer. He was the first artist to tour with a Moog synthesizer
My Lady of Whims (1925)
Clara Bow, Donald Keith and Carmelita Geraghty
Director: Dallas M. Fitzgerald. Also starred Francis McDonald, Lee Moran & Betty Baker
Keith Urban
   was born in   
Whangarei, New Zealand
October 26, 1967
A Life at Stake (1954)
Angela Lansbury, Keith Andes and Douglass Dumbrille
Director: Paul Guilfoyle. Also starred Claudia Barrett, Jane Darwell & Gavin Gordon. Plot: After a married woman has had an illicit affair, mysterious accidents began happening to her husband.
Keith Ellison
   was/were the first   
Muslim American to Be Elected to the US Congress
Keith Miller
(1946-1956) An all-rounder, he was a middle-order batsman with a classic high bowling action & could produce genuine pace. He shared a famous and destructive opening bowling partnership with Ray Lindwall. He was also an effective slip fielder. In the Ashes series against England in 1946/47 he scored 384 runs at an average of 76.80 and took 16 wickets at 20.87.
Keith Floyd
   was a   
, Restauranteur, TV Presenter, Writer, Bon Viveur, the man who taught a generation that if it wasn't good enough to drink then it wasn't good enough to cook with. Also famous for ejecting a customer from one of his restaurants for trying to order a bottle of Blue Nun. 28 December 1943 – 14 September 2009
Keith Jarrett
   is associated with the   
Jazz pianist and composer, b. 1945
Keith Urban
You Look Good In My Shirt
Toby Keith & Willie Nelson
Beer For My Horses
2002, US 22
Keith Deller
   had the nickname   
Milky Bar Kid
Keith Emerson
   was a   
D. 2016 Emerson, Lake and Palmer
Keith Williams
   was played by Clint Eastwood in   
Ambush at Cimarron Pass (1958)
He allegedly said about this movie "Probably the lousiest western ever made"
Keith Flint
   was a   
1969 - 2019 Singer, dancer and founding member of the alternative dance/techno band The Prodigy.

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