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   the winner was   
Jock Hutchison
At St Andrews
Winston Churchill
   owned a cat called   
Attended many war cabinet meetings
A Scottish Man
Rule Britannia!
   featured the character   
Jock McGregor
Played by Russell Hunter
A Very Peculiar Practice
   featured the character   
Dr Jock McCannon
Played by Graham Crowden
Jock Itch
   is caused by infection with   
Dermatophytes Fungus
Tarzan's Deadly Silence (1970)
Ron Ely, Manuel Padilla Jr. and Jock Mahoney
Director: Robert L. Friend. Also starred Woody Strode, Gregorio Acosta & Rudolph Charles
Tarzan's Three Challenges (1963)
Jock Mahoney, Woody Strode and Tsu Kobayashi
Director: Robert Day. Also starred Earl Cameron, Jimmy Jamal & Anthony Chinn
College Athlete
A Super Jock
   appears in   
Sir Percy Fitzpatrick
Jock of the Bushveld
Jason Clark
   had the nickname   
The Cockney Jock
The Ballad Of John Henry
Jockey Full Of Bourbon
Ride Jockey
   is carnival lingo for   
A Carnival Ride Operator
Boyz N Tha Hood
   has the lyric:   
Cruisin' Down Tha Street in My '64, Jockin' Tha Freaks Clocking Tha Dough
Eazy E
Jocky Wilson
   had the nickname   
Calvin Klein, Jockey, Fruit of the Loom, Hanes
   are all   
Brands of Men’s Underwear
Jockey Interviews
   was performed by   
“Well in fact I can see last season's top jockey, Johnny Knowles. Good afternoon, Johnny. (Pause. Not even a cap is seen. )Third Jockey: (faintly) Hello, Brian. Brian: Er, could we have a box for Johnny, please.”
John Bertrand Conlan (umpire)
   had the nickname   
Bill Shoemaker
   is famous for being a   
Nicknamed The Shoe, his career spanned some forty years from 1949 to 1990
Johnny Longden, Eddie Arcaro, Willie Shoemaker
   are all   
Frankie Dettori
   is famous for being a   
In 1996, Dettori made history by winning all seven races of the day at Ascot.
Call Button Jockey
Patient That Uses Call Button All Night Long for No Good Reason.
The Soup Jockey
   is American Diner Lingo for   
The Waitress
Glen Boss
   is famous for being a   
Australian. Best known for riding Makybe Diva to victory in 3 consecutive Melbourne Cups - 2003, 2004 and 2005.
Kevin Greening
   was a   
Disc Jockey
44, British former BBC Radio 1 disc jockey, Dec 29th
   in Pilipino is   
Cath Jockey
Cardiologist That Catheterizes Every Patient They See
Jockin Arputham
   won the award for   
Peace and International Understanding
2000 India
Eddie Arcaro
   is famous for being a   
2-time Triple Crown winner (Whiralway in 1941, Citation in 1948), he won the Kentucky Derby 5 times, Preakness and Belmont 6 times each

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