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Joan of Arc

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Joan of Arc
   died in   
1431 aged 19 burned at the Stake
military commander, French
Joan of Arc
   uttered the last words   
"Hold the Cross High So I May See It Through the Flames!"
Joan of Arc & the Earl of Suffolk
   led opposing forces at the   
Siege of Orléans
Joan of Arc's first major military victory.
Joan of Arc
A Saint & the Woman Who Rallied the French in the 100 Year War
AKA "Maid of Orleans". Born at Domremy in Champagne, France, c 1412. Died at Rouen, France, 30 May 1431.
Joan of Arc
   was born on   
January 6, 1412
Heroine of France and saint of the Catholic Church
Yu Gwan-sun
Was Known As Korea’s Joan of Arc
She was beaten, tortured and stabbed until dead in a Japanese prison, she was 17
The Conscience
   was played by Dustin Hoffman in   
The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc
Joan of Arc
   lifespan was   
French heroine; burned at the stake at 19 for heresy; made a saint in 1920
   was the year   
Joan of Arc Was Canonized
Burned at the stake for heresy in 1431
   has the patron saint   
Joan of Arc
May 30
Saint Joan (1957)
   is a film about   
Joan of Arc
Portrayed by Jean Seberg
Jules Bastien-Lepage
Joan of Arc
1879, oil on canvas; Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Arthur Honegger
Joan of Arc at the Stake
Bishop Cauchon
   was played by Peter O'Toole in   
Joan of Arc (1999)
TV movie
Joan of Arcadia
   has the theme tune   
One of Us
Written by Eric Bazilian (of The Hooters) and sung by Joan Osborne
Emmanuel Frémiet
   created the sculpture   
Joan of Arc, 1874

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