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Jethro Tull
   are named after   
The Inventor of the Seed Drill
On an early single release, they were erroneously called 'Jethro Toe'
Robert Moog
   was an   
D. August 22nd 2005 - Invented the synthesizer
Arnold Beckman
   was an   
D. May 18th 2004 -- Lived to 104. Invented acidimeter (ph meter) in 1935 which became an indispensable tool in analytical chemistry. BS Chem Eng 1922 and MS Physical Chem 1923 University Of Illinois.
Dom Perignon
   is described as   
The 17th Century French Cellarmaster Known As the Inventor of Champagne
Sir Bill Hamilton
   is known as an   
1899-1978, who developed the modern jetboat
Stupidity Panel
Lab Test (for Patient Stupidity) That, when Invented, Will Earns Its Inventor a Fortune
René-Just Haüy
The Inventor of the Laws of Geometrical Crystallization
Born 1743 CE, died 1822 CE
Joseph Von Fraunhofer
The Inventor of Stellar Spectroscopy
Born 1787 CE, died 1826 CE
Jöns Jakob Berzelius
The Inventor of the Chemical Structure Notation System
Born 1779 CE, died 1848 CE
Louis Pasteur
The Inventor of the Pasteurisation Process
Born 1822 CE, died 1895 CE
Gottried Liebniz
The Inventor of the Current Method of Calculus
Born 1646 CE, died 1716 CE
Book II, Chap. XIV.
   contains the canon law concerning   
Noah the Inventor of Wine, Who First Had Knowledge of the Stars, and of the Origin of False Religions
Book II. - Of the Origin of Error
Colin Murdoch
   is known as an   
Invented the disposable syringe
Frederic J. Bauer
   was an   
Died May 4, 2008 aged 89. Invented the Pringles container. Part of his remains were buried in one of the containers he designed.
Hypatia of Alexandria
A Mathematician, Philosopher, Astronomer and Inventor
She lived in Roman Egypt, and was killed by a Christian mob who falsely blamed her for religious turmoil.
Alexander Graham Bell
   is known as an   
Scottish-born, 1847; credited with inventing the first practical telephone
Joseph-Armand Bombardier
   is known as an   
Inventor of the snowmobile; 1907-1964
Sandford Fleming
   is known as an   
Known for proposing worldwide standard time zones; 1827-1915
Ibn Al-Haytham
Inventor of the Scientific Method
And writer of the 'Book of Optics'. Born 965 CE, died 1039 CE
Samuel Colt
   was a/an   
Inventor of the revolver
Thomas Alva Edison
   was a/an   
Scientist and businessman, 1847-1931; considered one of the most prolific inventors in history
George Washington Carver
   was a/an   
Botanist and educator credited with the development of many peanut and sweet potato products
Ctesibius of Alexandria
   was a   
Greek Inventor
Called the "father of pneumatics"; c. 285-222 BC
Frank Zamboni
   was an   
Inventor of the modern ice resurfacer that bears his name
Mark Twain
"Name the Greatest of All Inventors. Accident"
American humorist and writer
Gertrude Belle Elion
The First Woman Invited Into the US National Inventors Hall of Fame
At the age of 73 (1918-1999)
Boffers, Thompson, Beretta, Gatling
   are all   
Guns Named After Their Inventors

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