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Ammar Ibn Ali Al-Mawsili
The Injection Syringe
(9th century), Iraq (Mesopotamia). This early syringe was a hollow glass tube that used suction to remove cataracts from his patients’ eyes.
ICICI Bank Ltd
   has which symbol   
Ibn Al-Haytham
The Creator of the Book of Optics
1011 CE to 1021 CE -- Born 965 CE, died 1039 CE And inventor of the Scientific Method
Abū Rayhān Muhammad Ibn Ahmad Bīrunī
The First Practising Geologist
Born 973 CE, died 1048 CE
Muhammad I Ibn Pulad
   ruled the   
Chagatai Khanate
Qazan Khan Ibn Yasaur
   ruled the   
Chagatai Khanate
Ibn Al-Haytham
Inventor of the Scientific Method
And writer of the 'Book of Optics'. Born 965 CE, died 1039 CE
Kusam Ibn Abbas
   is buried in   
Shar-i-Zinda, Amarkand, Uzbekistan
Cousin of the prophet Muhammad
Leibniz's Law
   applies in   
Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz
   Dr. Who episode was written by   
Chris Cribnall
Episode 35
Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz
   was born in   
Leipzig, Germany
1646-1716. Philosopher, mathematician, and scholar
   was written by   
Gottfried Leibniz
"the soul is the mirror of the universe"
Roman Abramovich
Majority Shareholder in Sibneft and RusAl (aluminum)
Named wealthiest man in Russia in 2005
Cauchy, Newton, Riemann, Gauss, Leibniz
   are all   
Mathematicians Contributing Greatly to Calculus
Men’s Light Welterweight (Boxing)
   gold medal was won by   
Fazliddin Gaibnazarov
Ibn-e-Qasim Bagh Stadium
   test cricket ground is in   
In Punjab, Pakistan. Was first used for Test cricket on 30th December 1980
Scribner, Godine, Dutton
   are all   

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