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   England Football Caps won by   
Steve Hodge
Samuel Johnson
   owned a cat called   
Terry and June
   featured the character   
Sir Dennis Hodge
Played by Reginald Marsh
Archibald Alexander Hodge
"It is Easier to Find a Score of Men Wise Enough to Discover the Truth Than to Find One Intrepid Enough, in the Face of Opposition, to Stand up for It"
An American Presbyterian Leader
John Gardner
   created the character   
Millie Jewel Hodge
The Sunlight Dialogues
John Gardner
   created the character   
Taggart Hodge
The Sunlight Dialogues, 1972
Gil Hodges
   was manager of   
Washington Senators
Jamaica Inn (1939)
Charles Laughton, Horace Hodges, Hay Petrie, and Frederick Piper
Most Sacrifice Flies in Season
   is held by   
Gil Hodges
19 (1954)
Gil Hodges
   was manager of   
New York Mets
Johnny Hodges
   released the album   
Everybody Knows
A Fool There Was (1915)
Runa Hodges, Mabel Frenyear and Edward José
Director: Frank Powell. Also starred May Allison, Clifford Bruce & Theda Bara. Plot: A married diplomat falls hopelessly under the spell of a predatory woman.
Abraham Lincoln
   was born in   
Hodgenville, U.S.A.
Kentucky. February 12, 1809. 16th President of the U.S.A.
Mike Hodges
Flash Gordon (1980)
Dad's Army
   featured the character   
Warden William Hodges
Played by Bill Pertwee
Mike Hodges
Croupier (1998)

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