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Michael Kamen
   wrote music for   
Highlander (1985)
A Highlander Immortal
   can be killed by   
Immortals are a group of fictional characters seen in the movies and series of the Highlander franchise. Since they are immune to disease and stopped aging after becoming Immortal, they can live forever and they only die when they are beheaded.
Juan Sanchez Villa - Lobos Ramirez
   was played by Sean Connery in   
Starred Christopher Lambert in the title role as Conor MacLeod who is blessed with either a curse or gift.
Highlander (1986)
   contains the line   
"There Can Be Only One."
John Henderson
   had the nickname   
Highlander: The Series
   has the theme tune   
Princes of the Universe
Performed by Queen
MacKenzie Seaforth Highlanders
   's clan motto is   
"Assist the King"
'th Highlanders
Seaforth Highlanders

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