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First Lady

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The First Lady of the Silent Screen
   is a nickname for   
Lillian Gish
The First Lady of Motown
   is a nickname for   
Mary Wells
Motown's first female solo star
A First Lady
   is American Diner Lingo for   
Spare Ribs
Eve was made from Adam's spare rib
First Lady of the American Theater
   is a nickname for   
Helen Hayes
Two-time Academy Award-winning American actress whose career spanned almost 70 years.
Lady Bird Johnson
   was an   
American First Lady
Wife of Lyndon B. Johnson, 36th President of the US; advocate for the beautification of the nation's cities and highways
The First Lady of Film
   is a nickname for   
Bette Davis
First Lady of Hollywood
   is a nickname for   
Irene Dunne
First Lady of Cinema
   is a nickname for   
Katharine Hepburn
Eleanor Roosevelt
   was a/an   
First Lady
Wife of Franklin Roosevelt, advocate of civil rights; 1884-1962
Dolley Madison
   was a/an   
First Lady
Fourth First Lady, wife of James Madison; 1768-1849
Nancy Reagan
   was an   
American First Lady
D. 2016
Betty Ford
   was an   
American First Lady
Feminist, activist and philanthropist; renowned for her promotion of breast cancer awareness, pro-choice and drug dependency
Martha Washington
The First "First Lady of the United States"
Wife of George Washington & the first woman on a US stamp (1902)
Jackie Kennedy
"The One Thing I Do Not Want to Be Called is First Lady. It Sounds Like a Saddle Horse"
First Lady of the United States and Book Editor

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