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   is a character in   
Son to the King of Naples
Alex Kapranos
   has been a vocalist in   
Franz Ferdinand
Gavrilo Princip
Franz Ferdinand
The assassination of Franz Ferdinand, Archduke of Austria, triggered World War I. Princip died of tuberculosis on April 28, 1918.
   winner of the Mercury Music Prize was   
Franz Ferdinand
Franz Ferdinand
   the winner was   
Ferdinand Buisson and Ludwig Quidde
France, 1841-1932; Founder and President, League for Human Rights / Germany, 1858-1941; Professor, Member of Parliament, participant in various peace conferences
Ferdinand Magellan
   was captain of   
The Trinidad
Magellan's flagship, a caravel. Other carrack ships included in the voyage were: the Victoria, the San Antonio, the Concepción and the Santiago
Franz Ferdinand
   released the album   
You Could Have It So Much Better (2005)
Franz Ferdinand
   sang the song   
You Could Have It So Much Better
Franz Ferdinand
   released the album   
Franz Ferdinand (2004)
Munro Leaf
The Story of Ferdinand
First published 1936. The best-known work by the American author, it tells the story of a bull who would rather smell flowers than fight in bullfights.
Ferdinand Magellan
Was First to Circumnavigate the World
Portuguese explorer. Born to a noble Portuguese family, he sailed many times to India and the Far East for Portugal but after a dispute with King Manoel II he sailed for Spain. He was killed on the Phillipine island of Mactan during a battle with natives. Magellan named the Pacific Ocean.
Franz Ferdinand
   come from   
The U.K.
Royal Cousins married in 1469 and started the Golden Age of exploration
   was named after   
Ferdinand Porsche
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
   is the stage name of   
Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor Jr.
Retired American professional basketball player
Ferdinand Magellan
   was born in   
Northern Portugal
1480-1521. Portuguese sea captain who led the first expedition that sailed around the world
Sound and Vision
   was covered by   
Franz Ferdinand
2007. Originally recorded by David Bowie (1977)
August Ferdinand Möbius
The Introducer of Homogenous Coordinates in Projective Geometry
Born 1790 CE, died 1868 CE -- Also invented the Möbius strip
August Ferdinand Möbius
The Creator of the Möbius Function in Number Theory
Born 1790 CE, died 1868 CE -- Also invented the Möbius strip
Le Golem (1936)
Germaine Aussey, Jany Holt and Ferdinand Hart
French monster movie directed by Julien Duvivier
Ferdinand Georg Waldmuller
Austrian Painter
Ferdinand Von Zeppelin
The Airship Balloon
1838-1917, German, July 2, 1900 first zeppelin flies, carrying 5 passengers a distance of 3.75 miles
"Jelly Rolly Morton: The Saga of Mr. Jelly Lord"
   was released by   
Ferdinand Morton
1950 - inducted in 1980
   is missing from the title of   
You Could Have It So Much Better With Franz ___
Franz Ferdinan (2006)
   is missing from the title of   
___ Ferdinand (2004)
Tonight or Never (1931)
Gloria Swanson, Alison Skipworth & Ferdinand Gottschalk
IMDB rating 8.1/10. Directors: Mervyn LeRoy
Ferdinand Marcos
   became President in   
December 30, 1965 - February 25, 1986
Champagne (1928)
Betty Balfour, Gordon Harker, Jean Bradin, and Ferdinand Von Alten
Max Ferdinand Perutz and John Cowdery Kendrew
   won for   
The Structures of Globular Proteins
Carl Ferdinand Cori and Gerty Theresa Cori
   won for work on   
The Catalytic Conversion of Glycogen
Ferdinand Marie De Lesseps
   was famous for   
Developing the Suez Canal
Civil engineer.
Ferdinand the Faithful and Ferdinand the Unfaithful
   was written by   
The Brothers Grimm
Children's and Household Tales, 1812
Louis-Ferdinand Céline
   created the character   
Ferdinand Bardamu
Journey to the End of Night, 1932
The Great Imposter (1961)
   is a film about   
Ferdinand Waldo Demara
Based on the 1959 book by Robert Chrichton, starring Tony Curtis
   is designated as a   
Tank Destroyer
   is orbitted by   
Rio Ferdinand
   has the nickname   
Or Rio
   player of the year was   
Les Ferdinand
Newcastle United
   had the general   
Archduke Josef Ferdinand
   had the general   
Ferdinand Von Quast
Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller

The Expected Woman; 1860; Austrian; Academism; Neue Pinakothek, Munich, Germany; oil on panel; 81 x 63 cm
Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller

The Pilgrims Resting; 1859; Austrian; Academism; private collection; media unknown; size unknown
Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller

The Sick Pilgrim; 1859; Austrian; Academism; Leopold Museum, Vienna, Austria; oil on canvas; 71 x 87 cm
Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller

The Young Boy with the Stable-Lantern; 1824; Austrian; Academism; Kunsthalle Hamburg, Germany; oil on oak; 45 x 54 cm
Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller

Children at the Window; 1853; Austrian; Academism; Residenzgaleri Salzburg, Austria; oil on canvas; 85 x 69 cm
Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller

Homecoming into the Fathers House; 1855; Austrian; Academism; current location unknown; media unknown; size unknown
Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller

Return from the Church Fair; 1859; Austrian; Academism; Alte Nationalgalerie, Berlin, Germany; media unknown; size unknown
Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller

Roses; 1843; Austrian; Academism; Lichtenstein Museum, Vienna, Austria; oil on panel; 48 x 39 cm
Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller

Still Life with Morning Cup; 1839; Austrian; Academism; Belvedere Museum,Vienna, Austria; oil on panel; 64 x 50 cm
Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller

Women Bathing at the Brook; 1848; Austrian; Academism; current location unknown; media unknown; 96 x 136 cm

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