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Cape Egmont
   is situated in   
New Zealand
Used for much of "The Last Samurai" because the local mountain "Taranaki" resembles Fujiyama, and has much less development
New Zealand
   is the location of   
Egmont National Park
   is in   
New Zealand
Egmont began forming about 70,000 years ago. It has erupted at least eight times in the last 6,000 years. Most of these eruptions have been explosive and from the central vent.
Cape Egmont Lighthouse
   is located in   
New Zealand
1865 - Pungarehu. The lighthouse was built in London, in 1865 the cast-iron segments were shipped to New Zealand and assembled on Mana Island, north of Wellington. However, the spot proved unsatisfactory. "The Mana Island Station was closed in 1877 following several shipping accidents as it was believed this light was being confused with the Pencarrow Light at Wellington Heads. In 1881, the tower was dismantled and carried in sections by ship to Cape Egmont and reassembled on its site.
Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
   created the character   
Count Egmont
Egmont; drama, 1788, English translation, 1837
Ludwig Van Beethoven
Incidental music, after Goethe's play, op. 84
New Zealand Symphony
Egmont/Ah, Perfido
Noxos, 2010
Opus 84
Overture in F Minor "Egmont"
Incidental music to Goethe's tragedy; also music for voice and orchestra

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