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Edward III

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   was the reign of   
Edward III
Edward III Sent an Expedition Ireland
Fearing that Ireland will be lost completely the English King Edward III sends an expedition under his son Lionel to subdue Ireland. However the expedition fails.
The Order of the Garter
   was founded by   
King Edward III
Edward III
   was known as   
Avenger of Merchants
Edward III styled himself "the Avenger of Merchants" on the gold coin struck to commemorate the defeat of the Spaniards at sea
Edward III
   was known as   
Edward the Bankrupt
In 1340 Edward III caused two famous bankruptcies when he defaulted on personal loans.
Edward III
   was known as   
King of the Sea
During the first part of his reign he paid much attention to naval administration; he successfully asserted the maritime supremacy of the country, and was entitled by parliament the "king of the sea"
Ford Madox Brown
Chaucer at the Court of Edward III
1847; oil on canvas, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Australia

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