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Edith Piaf

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Edith Piaf
   was born in   
Paris, France
1915-1963. Was a French singer whose frail appearance, difficult life, and haunting singing style made her a legend in France
Edith Piaf
4' 8"
French singer
   was the year   
Edith Piaf Died
Paris in mourning
La Vie En Rose
   was released by   
Edith Piaf
1950 - inducted in 1998
Edith Piaf
   signature tune is   
La Vie En Rose
1946, title means Life in Pink US 10, UK 12
Edith Piaf
   is buried in   
Père Lachaise, Paris, France
Singer, 1915-1963
Serge Gainsbourg, Edith Piaf, Gipsy Kings
   are all   
French Singing Artists
Interestingly, The Gipsy Kings hail from Arles and Montpelier… their parents fled from Spain during the Spanish Civil War… they bring Rumba Catalana – a pop-oriented version of traditional flamenco music to the world stage.

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