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   from Sonic the Hedgehog is   
An Echidna
   from Sonic the Hedgehog is   
An Echidna
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The Echidna
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The Echidna and the Platypus are the only monotremes in the world, meaning they are egg laying mammals. They are mostly solitary animals and their territory is usually large and sometimes overlap with another Echidna. They are extremely shy animals and when threatened will roll themselves in a ball and tuck their legs and snout under and dig itself into soil or back up into a log. Their spines are extremely menacing and can give quite a bit of pain to the intruder.
Platypus, Echidna
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Papua New Guinea
Greywhackle stone, c. 250; National Gallery of Australia
A Serpent-legged Giant
Slain by Ares
Echidnas, Spiny Anteaters, Platypuses
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Order Monotremata
A much more ancient branch of mammals – the only living mammals that lay eggs. Monotremata literally means “one-hole” since these species urinate, defecate and reproduce all through the sole hole evolution/God created …

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