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Dirk Bogarde

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Dirk Bogarde
   is the stage name of   
Derek Van Den Bogaerde
Actor & author, British
The Blue Lamp (1950)
Jack Warner, Jimmy Hanley and Dirk Bogarde
Director: Basil Dearden. Also starred Robert Flemyng, Bernard Lee & Peggy Evans
The Doctor's Dilemma (1958)
Leslie Caron, Dirk Bogarde and Alastair Sim
Director: Anthony Asquith. Also starred Robert Morley, John Robinson & Felix Aylmer
Darling (1965)
Laurence Harvey, Dirk Bogarde and Julie Christie
Director: John Schlesinger. Also starred José Luis de Villalonga, Roland Curran & Basil Henson
Esther Waters (1948)
Kathleen Ryan, Dirk Bogarde and Cyril Cusack
Director: Ian Dalrymple / Peter Proud. Also starred Ivor Barnard, Fay Compton & Margaret Diamond
The Woman in Question (1950)
Jean Kent, Dirk Bogarde and John McCallum
Director: Anthony Asquith. Also starred Susan Shaw, Hermione Baddeley, & Charles Victor
Libel (1959)
Dirk Bogarde, Olivia De Havilland and Paul Massie
Director: Anthony Asquith. Also starred Robert Morley, Wilfrid Hyde-White & Anthony Dawson. Plot: A California commercial pilot sees a telecast in London of an interviews with Sir Mark Lodden (Bogarde) at his home...
I'll Meet by Moonlight (1957)
Dirk Bogarde, Marius Goring and David Oxley
Director: Michael Powell & Emeric Pressburger. Also starred Dimitri Andreas, Cyril Cusack & Laurence Payne. Plot: Led by British officers, partisans on Crete plan to kidnap the island's German commander and smuggle him to Cairo to embarrass the occupiers.
Doctor in the House (1954)
Dirk Bogarde, Muriel Pavlow and Kenneth More
Director: Ralph Thomas. Also starred Donald Sinden, Kay Kendall & James Robertson Justice
For Better, for Worse (1954)
Dirk Bogarde, Susan Stephen and Cecil Parker
Director: J. Lee Thompson. Also starred Eileen Herlie, Athene Seyler & Dennis Price. Plot: In postwar London a young graduate and his girlfriend decide to marry. Her well-to-do parents are not convinced...
Accident (1967)
Dirk Bogarde, Stanley Baker and Jacqueline Sassard
Director: Joseph Losey. Also starred Michael York, Vivien Merchant & Delphine Seyrig
A Tale of Two Cities (1958)
Dirk Bogarde, Dorothy Tutin and Paul Guers
Director: Ralph Thomas. Also starred Marie Versini, Ian Bannen & Cecil Parker. Plot: British barrister Sydney Carton (Bogarde) lives an insubstantial and unhappy life. He falls under the spell of Lucie Manette (Tutin)...
A Bridge Too Far (1977)
Dirk Bogarde, James Caan and Michael Caine
Director: Richard Attenborough. Also starred Sean Connery, Edward Fox & Elliott Gould
Our Mother's House (1967)
Dirk Bogarde, Margaret Brooks and Pamela Franklin
Director: Jack Clayton. Also starred Louis Sheldon Williamson & John Gugolka. Plot: When their deeply religious mother dies, the seven Hook children bury her in the garden and continue life as normal. Then their absent father , Charlie (Bogarde), reappears...
Appointment in London (1952)
Dirk Bogarde, Ian Hunter and Dinah Sheridan
Director: Philip Leacock. Also starred Bryan Forbes, Walter Fitzgerald & Bill Kerr
The Servant (1963)
Dirk Bogarde, Sarah Miles and Wendy Craig
Director: Joseph Losey. Also starred James Fox, Catherine Lacey & Richard Vernon. Plot: The aristocratic Tony (Fox) moves to London and hires the servant Hugo Barrett (Bogarde) for all services at home. Barrett seems to be a loyal and competent employee...
Hunted (1952)
Dirk Bogarde, Kay Walsh and Elizabeth Sellars
Director: Charles Crichton, Geoffrey Keen & Frederick Piper. Plot: Violent fugitive and mistreated small boy team up to flee from authority.
The Password is Courage (1962)
Dirk Bogarde, Maria Perschy and Alfred Lynch
Director: Andrew L. Stone. Also starred Nigel Stock, Reginald Beckwith & Richard Marner. Plot: A British officer, captured by the Germans, tries everything he can to escape. In the process, amongst many other adventures he gets awarded the Iron Cross !! Based on a true story.
Doctor at Sea (1955)
Dirk Bogarde, Brigitte Bardot and James Robertson Justice
Director: Ralph Thomas. Also starred Maurice Denham, Michael Medwin & Hubert Gregg
The Sleeping Tiger (1954)
Dirk Bogarde, Alexis Smith and Alexander Knox
Director: Joseph Losey. Also starred Hugh Griffith, Patricia McCarron & Maxine Audley
The High Bright Sun (1964)
Dirk Bogarde, George Chakiris and Susan Strasberg
Director: Ralph Thomas. Also starred Denholm Elliott, Grégoire Aslan & Colin Campbell.
Victim (1961)
Dirk Bogarde, Sylvia Sims and Dennis Price
Director: Basil Dearden. Also starred Nigel Stock, Peter McEnery & Donald Churchill. Plot: A prominent lawyer goes after a blackmailer who threatens gay men with exposure (homosexual acts still being illegal). But he's gay himself...
A Bridge To Far (1977)
Dirk Bogarde, Michael Caine and Elliott Gould
Out of the sky comes the screen's most incredible spectacle of men and war!
Sebastian (1968)
Dirk Bogarde, Nigel Davenport and John Gielgud
Director: David Greene. Also starred Lilli Palmer, Susannah York & Ann Beach. Plot: A British mathematician, working on code decryption, unexpectedly falls in love with another decrypter...
Doctor at Large (1957)
Dirk Bogarde, Muriel Pavlow and Donald Sinden
Director: Ralph Thomas. Also starred James Robertson Justice, Shirley Eaton & Derek Farr
Cast a Dark Shadow (1955)
Dirk Bogarde, Margaret Lockwood and Kay Walsh
Director: Lewis Gilbert. Also starred Kathleen Harrison, Robert Flemyng & Mona Washbourne. Plot: A charmer decides to get rich by marrying and murdering older women. He meets his match when he plots against his latest victim...
Doctor in Distress (1963)
Dirk Bogarde, Samantha Eggar and James Robertson Justice
Director: Ralph Thomas. Also starred Mylène Demongeot, Donald Houston & Barbara Murray
The Spanish Gardner (1956)
Dirk Bogarde, Jon Whiteley and Michael Hordern
Director: Philip Leacock. Also starred Cyril Cusack, Maureen Swanson & Lyndon Brook

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