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   is the Roman God of   
The Dawn
   had a U.K. Number One single with   
Knock Three Times
May 9 1971 for 5 weeks
Dawn Featuring Tony Orlando
   had a U.K. Number One single with   
Tie a Yellow Ribbon 'Round the Ole Oak Tree
April 15 1973 for 4 weeks
Tony Orlando
   has been a vocalist in   
Helen Reddy
   released the single   
Delta Dawn
1973; 1 week as #1 on the Billboard Hot 100
Tony Orlando and Dawn
   released the single   
1970; peaked at #3 on the Billboard Hot 100
Tony Orlando and Dawn
   released the single   
Tie a Yellow Ribbon 'Round the Ole Oak Tree
1973; #1 on the Billboard Hot 100; best seller of the year
Tony Orlando and Dawn
   released the single   
Say, Has Anybody Seen My Sweet Gypsy Rose
1973; peaked at #3 on the Billboard Hot 100
Pink Floyd
   released the album   
The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn (1967)
The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn
Astronomy Domine
The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn
The Gnome
The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn
The Scarecrow
Dawn Redwood
   has a latin name   
Metasequoia Glyptostroboides
Thought to be extinct until 1941 when a small stand was discovered in China
Buffy's Sister
Also the Key
Titty Twister
   appears in   
From Dusk Till Dawn
Vampire-infested Mexican bar
Decision Before Dawn (1951)
Richard Basehart, Gary Merrill, Oskar Werner and Hildegard Knef
Director: Anatole Litvak
Dawn or Early
Eohippus - the earliest known horse
N. Scott Momaday
   wrote the book adapted for the film   
House Made of Dawn (1987)
Based on the 1968 book
Dawn Fraser
   is famous for being a   
Australian. Among achievements, won eight Olympic medals, including five golds, and six Commonwealth Games gold medals. Fraser also held 39 records. She held the 100 meters freestyle record for 15 years and 1 month from December 1 1956 to January 8 1972.
_____ Dawn
   contains the colour   
Dance 'Til Dawn (1988)
Christina Applegate, Tempestt Bledsoe and Brian Bloom
Director: Paul Schneider. Also starred Tracey Gold, Alyssa Milano, Matthew Perry and Kelsey Grammer
Anatole Litvak
Decision Before Dawn (1951)
The Cracksman (1963)
Charlie Drake, Nyree Dawn Porter and George Sanders
Director: Peter Graham Scott. Also starred Dennis Price, Percy Herbert & Eddie Byrne
The Day Will Dawn (1942)
Hugh Williams, Griffith Jones and Deborah Kerr
Director: Harold French. Also starred Ralph Richardson, Francis L. Sullivan & Roland Culver
Mike Blakely
Comanche Dawn
Bille Dawn in the Film Born Yesterday (1950)
   is played by   
Judy Holliday
K.d. Lang
   is the stage name of   
Kathryn Dawn Lang
Canadian Singer
Zulu Dawn (1979)
Burt Lancaster, Simon Ward and Denholm Elliott
Director: Douglas Hickox. Also starred Peter Vaughan, James Faulkner & Christopher Cazenove. Plot: In 1879, the British suffer a great loss at the Battle of Isandlwana due to incompetent leadership. Despite the defeat, the Zulus are first humiliated at Roark's Drift and then crushed at the Battle of Ulundi.
Zulu Dawn
The Zulu War, 1879
By Cy Endfield, 1979
Zulu Dawn
Zulu War, 1879
   is the elvish word for   
Dawn Fraser
   is known as an   
Olympic Swimmer
Born 1937
"Oh the Road to Mandalay Where the Flyin' Fishes Play, an the Dawn Comes up Like Thunder Outer China Crost the Bay"
   are the closing lines of   
Mandalay by Rudyard Kipling
Lord Drinian
   was captain of the   
Dawn Treader
The Dawn Treader was a Narnian ship in the fictional world of Chronicles of Narnia by C.S.Lewis. It was built by King Caspian X and is featured primarily in the book The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.The Dawn Treader has a gilded bow that resembles a dragon's head and wings.
   is missing from the title of   
The Piper At The Gates Of __
Pink Floyd (1967)
Dawn Fraser
   won gold medals in   
Australia -- 1956-1964 -- 4/4/0=8
Commando (1985)
Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rae Dawn Chong and Dan Hedaya
“Let off some steam, Bennett.”
Dawn Fraser
   has excelled in   
Olympics - 4 Gold, 4 Silver Medals
By the Old Moulmein Pagoda, Lookin' Eastward to the Sea.
   ends with   
And the Dawn Comes up Like Thunder Outer China Crost the Bay
Mandalay by Rudyard Kipling
   is in   
'Prince Caspian & the Voyage of the Dawn Treader'
By C.S. Lewis. The lead mouse.
Dawn Upshaw
Canteloube, Songs of the Auvergne
Kent Nagano, Orchestre de l'Opéra National de Lyon; Erato, 2002
Rescue Dawn (2007)
   is a film about   
Dieter Dengler
Portrayed by Christian Bale
The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
There Was a Boy Called Eustace Clarence Scrubb, and He Almost Deserved It
C. S. Lewis, 1952
George Clooney
   won for   
From Dusk Till Dawn (1995)
Best Actor
Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ol' Oak Tree
Man for Breakfast
A Murdered Body in the Streets at Dawn
Lord Chelmsford
   was played by Peter O'Toole in   
Zulu Dawn (1979)
Tony Orlando and Dawn
   reached no. 1 in the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 with   
Knock Three Times
For 3 weeks in 1970
Kristen Stewart
   won for the movie   
"The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2"
2012. Tied with herself for "Snow White and the Huntsman."
   Won the award in   
"The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2
Starring Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.

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