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Braised Meat Stew
   is the French for   
Beef Braised in Red Wine
   Preakness Stakes winner was   
Maurice Peters on board -- Trainer Richard E. Handlen -- Foxcatcher Farms -- 1:59.80
   has the latin name   
Daubentonia Madagascariensis
Only a handful of aye-ayes survive in the wild. Found only at a few localities along the eastern half of Madagascar, off eastern Africa. t has suffered from extensive loss of its natural habitat of humid tropical forest, which now exists only in fragmented remnants, including 16 protected areas. The aye-aye is also killed by local people, who believe that it is an evil omen.
La Fille Mal Gardée
   was choreographed by   
Jean Dauberval
First premiered in 1789. Music by 55 popular French airs.

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