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   belongs to   
3,189 sq. mi.
El Greco (Domenikos Theotokopoulos)
   was born in   
Candia, Crete
1541?-1614. Was one of the world’s great painters
Sea of Crete
   is located in the   
Atlantic Ocean
   is described as   
King of Crete and an Achaean Commander
   is described as   
An Achaean Captain from Crete
   was formerly the capital of   
Cretan State united with Greece, 1898 - 1913
   is in the island group   
Not in a Group
The largest Greek island
Discrete Fourier Transform
   is a   
Digital Signal Processing Algorithm
General Assembly, Court of Justice, Secreteriat
   are all   
Parts of the United Nations
Concrete Jungle
Where Dreams Are Made Of
"Empire State Of Mind" by Jay Z feat. Alicia Keys
Concrete Blonde
   released the single   
Mexican Moon
1993; Mexacali ballad from L.A. band; from the album of the same name
Sweat Board
   is hobo slang for   
Concrete Mixing by Hand
Concrete Blonde
   released the single   
Walking in London
1992; powerful tune from L.A. band; from album of the same name
Discrete Logarithm
   is a   
Number Theoretic Algorithm
   is missing from the title of   
___ Rose
Ashanti (2005)
Stuart Davis
Composition Concrete
1957, oil on canvas; Museum of Art, Carnegie Institute, Pittsburgh
Gravity Assisted Concrete Poisoning
Jumped/fell from Height
Concrete Blonde
   released the single   
Joey (1990)
#1 on the Modern Rock Tracks list; from "Bloodletting"
Concrete & Steel
1990, US 1
Concrete Blonde
   come from   
The U.S.A.
Concrete Blonde Y Los Ilegals
   released the single   
La Llorna
1997; teaming with L.A. chicano band Los Illegals; an incredible driving rock treatment of the Mexican folk classic
Waste Product Excreted in Urine
Concrete Blonde
Separate; Secrete
Johnette Napolitano
   has been a vocalist in   
Concrete Blond
American, alternative rock group
Everybody Knows
   was covered by   
Concrete Blonde
1996. Originally recorded by Leonard Cohen (1988)
Thomas Bernhard
Concrete Blonde
   released the single   
Everybody Knows
1996; excellent cover of Leonard Cohen tune; a true deep track

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