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   beer comes from   
   used the slogan   
"Every Bubble's Passed Its Fizzical"
Corona Australis
   constellation represents   
The Southern Crown
Corona Borealis
   constellation represents   
The Northern Crown
   is described as   
The Sun's Outer Atmosphere
   is the elvish word for   
Corona Borealis
Scalloped Bonnethead Shark
   has the Latin name   
Sphyrna Corona
   is used for   
Viewing the Corona of the Sun
   is the Alpha star of the constellation   
Corona Borealis
   had the model   
Francisco Vazquez De Coronado
   is buried in   
Santo Domingo Church, Mexico City, Mexico
Explorer; d. 1554
Coronado National Forest
   is situated in   
Canine Coronavirus
   affects the   
Gastrointestinal System
Is a gastrointestinal disease that is usually asymptomatic or with mild clinical signs. The signs are worse in puppies.
Rondo Alla Turka, Coronation Mass, Variations on “Ah Vous Dirais-je, Maman”
   are all   
Compositions by Mozart
Weatherfield Comprehensive
   features in   
Coronation Street
Live and Let Die (1973)
   featured James Bond driving a   
Coronado, White
   family appears in   
Coronation Street
UK soap opera. "You're no flamin' widow!" "No! But I will be ten minutes after I get you home!"
Darryl Kile
   died in   
2002 aged 33 from Coronary Heart Disease
Major League Baseball pitcher American
Newton & Ridley
   is a fictional beverage from   
Coronation Street
   has a motto   
Finis Coronat Opus
Francisco Vasquez De Coronado
Was the First European to Explore North America's Southwest
(1510-1554) Ruthless governor of New Galicia, Mexico, he searched fruitlessly for treasure in fabled seven Golden Cities of Cibola. He traveled through what is now northern Mexico, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas. He killed many native Americans who refused to convert to Christianity and his expedition was viewed a failure by Spain.
The Fifth Glorious Mystery
   deals with   
The Coronation
Mary is crowned Queen of Heaven and Earth. AD CAELI REGINAM encyclical of Pope Pius XII in 1954
Boris Akunin
'Coronation, or the last of the Romanovs'. Won the "Antibooker" prize in 2000 for this Erast Fandorin novel.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
The Coronation Piano Concerto
Handel: Coronation Anthem No. 1
   was used in   
The Madness of King George
Coronado Beach
   is a beach in   
The U.S.A.
San Diego, California
Florence Ballard
   died in   
1976 aged 32 from Coronary Thrombosis
singer (The Supremes) American
Elizabeth II
   was/were the first   
English Monarch to Have a Televised Coronation
The Rover's Return
   appears in   
Coronation Street
700 - 1,000
   is the rating of   
Coronado Pepper
Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)
   is caused by infection with   
Coronation St
   is set in   
Minnie Caldwell's Mother
   features in   
Coronation Street

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