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Elvis Vs JXL
   had a U.K. Number One single with   
A Little Less Conversation
June 16 2002 for 4 weeks
   Palme d'Or winner was   
The Conversation
Directed by Francis Ford Coppola
George Bernard Shaw
"The Trouble With Her is That She Lacks the Power of Conversation but Not the Power of Speech."
   is used to   
Prevent People from Hearing Your Conversation
Fills people's ears with a buzzing sound
A Private Conversation
Funeral for a Friend
   released the album   
Casually Dressed & Deep In Conversation (2003)
Francis Ford Coppola
The Conversation (1974)
The Conversation (1974)
Gene Hackman, John Cazale and Allen Garfield
Director: Francis Ford Coppola. Also starred Frederic Forrest, Cindy Williams & Michael Higgins. Plot: A paranoid and personally-secretive surveillance expert has a crisis of conscience when he suspects that a couple he is spying on will be murdered.
   in Macedonian is   
A Poem in the Form of a Conversation Between Shepherds
In classical literature, a poem featuring rural themes and structured as a dialogue among shepherds.
Henri Matisse
Oil on canvas, 1909, Fauvism/Early Modernism; State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia
The Conversation (1974)
Gene Hackman, John Cazale and Allen Garfield
IMDB:8.1/10. Director: Francis Ford Coppola. Nominated for 3 Oscars. Won 3 Baftas and National Film Preservation Board Award.
Langston Hughes
Conversation on the Corner
The Angelic Conversation
   is played by Judi Dench in   
Narrator (1985)
Sounded off
A Conversation
Tony Hillerman & Ernie Bulow
   won the award for   
Talking Mysteries: A Conversation With Tony Hillerman
1992. Tony Hillerman discusses his approach to his writing of detective novels and his well known series of Navaho tribal Police Mysteries with his friend, the author and scholar of Navho literature, Ernie Bulow.
Live Over Europe 2007
Conversations With 2 Stools
   is an acute fear of   
Dinner Conversations
One Who Excels at Conversations at the Dinner Table
In My Lonely Feeling / Conversations
Donald Barthelme
Conversations With Goethe
In "Forty Stories"
David Fung
Evening Conversations
Piano works of Mozart, Rachmaninov, Schumann, etc; Yarlung Records, 2011
"Conversations With Myself"
   was released by   
Bill Evans
1964 - Best Jazz Instrumental Album
Elizabeth Drew
"Travel, Instead of Broadening the Mind, Often Merely Lengthens the Conversation"
American political journalist and author

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