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Constance Bennett

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Constance Bennett
   was considered for the role of   
Ellie Andrews in It Happened One Night (1934)
Claudette Colbert got the part
Smart Woman (1948)
Brian Aherne, Constance Bennett and Barry Sullivan
Director: Edward A. Blatt. Also starred Michael O'Shea, James Gleason & otto Kruger. Plot: The last credited screenplay by Alvah Bessie, using his own name, as he was soon to become one of the Hollywood Ten.
Merrily We Live (1938)
Constance Bennett, Brian Aherne and Alan Mowbray
Director: Norman Z. McLeod. Also starred Billie Burke, Patsy Kelly & Ann Dvorak. Plot: Dizzy society matron Emily Kilbourne has a habit of hiring ex-cons and hobos as servants.
Sin Takes a Holiday (1930)
Constance Bennett, Kenneth MacKenna and Basil Rathbone
Director: Paul L. Stein. Also starred Rita La Roy, Louis John Bartels & John Roche. Plot: Dowdy Sylvia (Bennett) accepts her boss' marriage proposal, even though he only asked her to avoid marriage to another woman...
After Tonight (1933)
Constance Bennett, Gilbert Roland and Edward Ellis
Director: George Archainbaud. Also starred Sam Godfrey, Lucien Prival & Mischa Auer
Everything is Thunder (1936)
Constance Bennett, Douglass Montgomery and Oskar Homolka
Director: Milton Rosmer. Also starred Roy Emerton, Frederick Lloyd & Peggy Simpson
After Office Hours (1935)
Constance Bennett, Clark Gable and Stuart Erwin
Director: Robert Z. Leonard. Also starred Billie Burke, Harvey Stephens & Katherine Alexander. Plot: Hard-hitting news editor Jim Branch (Gable) falls for high-society type Sharon Norwood (Bennett) but can't get to first base as he continually makes use of her knowledge of the rich and famous to try to solve the murder of one of her socialite acquaintences.
The Affairs of Cellini (1934)
Constance Bennett, Fredric March and Frank Morgan
Director: Gregory La Cava. Also starred Fay Wray, Vince Bennett & Jessie Ralph. Plot: The 16th-century sculptor woos the Duchess of Florence (Bennett) despite the duke.

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