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   was the reign of   
Edward the Confessor
The penultimate Anglo-Saxon King of England & the last of the House of Wessex. His reign marked the continuing disintegration of royal power in England & it foreshadowed the country's later connection with Normandy, whose duke William I of England was to supplant Edward's successors Harold Godwinson and Edgar Ætheling as England's ruler. Edward was canonised in 1161 as a saint by the Roman Catholic Church, which regards him as the patron saint of kings, difficult marriages, & separated spouses,
St Edward the Confessor
   is patron saint of   
Edward the Confessor
   lifespan was   
King Edward III of England, saint of the Catholic Church
   was known as   
The Confessor
At the time of Edward's canonisation, Saints were categorised as either martyrs (killed for their faith) or confessors (died natural deaths). Edward was accordingly styled Edward the Confessor, partly to distinguish him from his canonised predecessor Edward the Martyr.

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