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Len Bias
   died in   
1986 aged 22 from a Cocaine Overdose
basketball player (University of Maryland) American
Andy Gibb
   died in   
1988 aged 30 from Heart Failure Due to Cocaine Abuse
singer British
John Belushi
   died in   
1982 aged 33 from an Overdose of Cocaine and Heroin
American actor and comedian
Chris Farley
   died in   
1997 aged 33 from Accidental Cocaine and Heroin Overdose
comic actor American
Marco Pantani
   died in   
2004 aged 34 from Cerebral Oedema and Heart Failure from Acute Cocaine Poisoning
cyclist Italian
Ol' Dirty Bastard
   died in   
2004 aged 35 from Accidental Overdose of Cocaine and Painkillers
rapper (Wu Tang Clan) American
Eric Clapton
   released the single   
1977; cover of J.J. Cale classic; did not chart highly, but with lasting popularity
Powder Your Nose
To Take Cocaine
Mondo Generator
   released the album   
Cocaine Rodeo (2000)
M & C
   is hobo slang for   
Morphine and Cocaine
Marmon and cadillac
J. G. Ballard
Cocaine Nights
M. Ageyev
Novel With Cocaine
   was covered by   
Eric Clapton
1977. Originally recorded by J.J. Cale (1976)
Layne Staley
   died in   
2002 aged 34 From cocaine and Heroin Overdose
heavy metal/grunge singer (Alice in Chains) American
Tallulah Bankhead
"Cocaine Isn't Habit-forming. I Should Know, I've Been Using It for Years."

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