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Christopher Columbus

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Christopher Columbus
   was captain of   
The Santa Maria
The Santa Maria was a carrack, nicknamed Gallega (the Gallician) and was the flagship for his first voyage.
Christopher Columbus
Hoped to Find a Trade Route to India
Italian explorer sailing for Spain. First spotted Carribean Islands on October 11, 1492, landing on San Salvador. Thinking he had reached Asia he name the area the Indies and called the inhabitants Indians. He captured many natives and later sold them into slavery. He made 4 trips to the New World.
Christopher Columbus Died
In Valladolid, Spain
Christopher Columbus
   is famous for being an   
Christopher Columbus was an explorer and trader who crossed the Atlantic Ocean and reached the Americas in 1492 under the flag of Castilian Spain. He believed that the earth was a relatively small sphere, and argued that a ship could reach the Far East via a westward course.
Christopher Columbus
   was born in   
Genoa, Italy
Christopher Columbus (1949)
Fredic March, Florence Eldridge and Francis L. Sullivan
Director: David MacDonald. Also starred Kathleen Ryan, Derek Bond & Nora Swinburne
Christopher Columbus (1949)
   has the tagline   
The Greatest Adventure Man Ever Lived!
David MacDonlad
Christopher Columbus (1949)
Christopher Columbus
   is featured in the biography   
Admiral of the Ocean Sea
Samuel Eliot Morison, 1942
Tomas De Torquemada
   is played by Marlon Brando in   
Christopher Columbus: The Discovery (1992)
Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria
   are all   
Ships in Christopher Columbus’ Fleet

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