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Bubble Dizzy

Bubble Bobble

Underground Resistance
Bubble Metropolis
Double Bubble Burp-a-Cola
   is a fictional beverage from   
Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory
Cook Food in a Liquid at a Low Temperature So Small Bubble Break the Surface
Double Bubble
Double Time
Potatoes and scallions [onions]
Absolutely Fabulous
   featured the character   
Played by Jane Harrocks
A Small Bubble Formed in Volcanic Rock While Solidifying
Bubble Gum Machine
Flashing Lights on Top of Car
Bubble Gum
   in Macedonian is   
гума за џвакање
Bubble Gum
   in Spanish is   
The Bubble Dancer
   is American Diner Lingo for   
The Dishwasher
The person, not the machine.
The Maestro Says It's Mozart
But It Sounds Like Bubble Gum
Waiting For A Miracle -- Leonard Cohen
A Blister or Bubble
Bubble Gum
   is a   
Retired in 2010
The song Bubble ____is missing the body part Toes
Jack Johnson
The Tulip Bubble Burst
In The Netherlands; considered the first big economic bubble where prices deviate from intrinsic value
Marcus Aurelius
"Dig Within. Within is the Wellspring of Good; and It is Always Ready to Bubble Up, if You Just Dig"
14th Roman Emperor
Bubbles Resulting when Moonshine is Shaken
The Tank Gang
From Finding Nemo. A yellow tang. Voiced by Stephen Root.
Cirrus With Mammatus
Cirrus With Bubble-like Protrusions on the Underside
This supplementary cloud feature occurs mostly with cirrus, cirrocumulus, altocumulus, altostratus, stratocumulus, and cumulonimbus; in the case of cumulonimbus, mamma generally appear on the underside of the anvil (incus).
"Double, Double Toil and Trouble; Fire Burn, and Cauldron Bubble."
Albert Finney
Charlie Bubbles (1967)
Comedy/drama, Won BAFTA film award
   used the slogan   
"Every Bubble's Passed Its Fizzical"
   is a nickname of   
Beverly Sills
Wilbur Daniel Steele
1926; Harper's Magazine
Dog Heads
Convulsive Bubbles Which Follow Each Other One at a Time
Cumulonimbus Mammutus
Cumulonimbus With Bubble-like Protrusions on the Underside
Pouch-like protrusions that hang from under an anvil
Bubble- Like Protusions on the Underside of a Cloud
Bubbles (1930)
   also starred   
Mary Jane Gumm and Dorothy Virginia Gumm
This was Judy’s fourth appearance on film. The previous three were: The Big Revue, A Holiday in Storyland, and Jack and Jill. Bubbles' is a one-reel Vitaphone Variety, originally shot in Technicolor, but now only surviving in black and white. An all-kiddie musical, this short marks the earliest surviving screen appearance of Judy Garland with her sisters, billed as The Vitaphone Kiddies.
The Jelly Babies
The Bubble-Head Charm
   is used to   
Provide an Air Supply for Yourself
Used underwater by Cedric Diggory in the Triwizard Tournament (Goblet of Fire) and by students to avoid the bad smells caused by pranks on Dolores Umbridge (Order of the Phoenix)
Spy-Hopping, Bubble-Netting, Sounding, Lob-Tailing
   are all   
Whale Behaviors
Along with Breaching … One of the most unique is Bubble-Netting, which is a specialized group behavior seen in Killer Whales, wherein several individuals entrap a large school of fish by releasing a bubble “fence” around the circling school, while other pod members swim into the food “target” from below for an easy feast…

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