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Brooklyn Bridge

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Brooklyn Bridge
   is in   
The U.S.A.
Has a center lane open to pedestrians and bicycles
The Brooklyn Bridge Was Completed
In New York City
John Roebling
   was famous for   
Designing the Brooklyn Bridge
Washington Roebling
   was famous for   
Overseeing the Construction of Brooklyn Bridge
Played a major role in the U.S. Civil War, rising to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the Union Army; observing Confederate movements via balloon reconnaissance prior to Gettysburg and informing Union tactics at Little Round Top
Emily Roebling
   was famous for   
Overseeing the Construction of Brooklyn Bridge
She deserves a mention here, an amazing and courageous woman.
The Brooklyn Bridge
   is situated in   
The U.S.A.
New York
Brooklyn Bridge
   was designed by   
John Augustus Roebling
1869-1883 , built in Brooklyn, New York, USA
Wallace Fox
'Neath Brooklyn Bridge (1942)
'Neath Brooklyn Bridge (1942)
Leo Gorcey, Noah Beery Jr and Marc Lawrence
Director: Wallace Fox. Also starred Bobby Jordan, Huntz Hall & Gabriel Dell. Plot: The East Side Kids find a young girl in the apartment of a man who has just been murdered.
Leap from the Brooklyn Bridge
   was perpetrated by   
Steve Brodie
Brodie, supposedly jumped into the water from a height of 42 meters. Subsequently, it became clear that Steve’s pals threw a dummy off the bridge. But the revelation did not prevent Brodie from exploiting his fame as the heroic Brooklyn Bridge diver.

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