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Brian Poole
The Tremeloes
Brian & Michael
   had a U.K. Number One single with   
Matchstalk Men & Matchstalk Cats & Dogs
April 2 1978 for 3 weeks
Brian Johnson
   has been a vocalist in   
Replaced Bon Scott following his death in 1980
Brian Wilson
   has been a vocalist in   
The Beach Boys
Brian Setzer
   has been a vocalist in   
The Stray Cats
Brian May
   has played guitar in   
Brian Eno
   has played keyboards in   
Roxy Music
Brian Eno
   released the album   
Another Green World (1975)
Brian Hyland
   released the single   
Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Polka Dot Bikini
1960; 1 week as #1 on the Billboard Hot 100; memorable ditty
Series 2
   U.K. Big Brother winner was   
Brian Dowling
Brian Mulrony
   is/was the   
Canadian Prime Minister
Sir Brian Barratt-Boyes
   is known as a   
Heart Surgeon
1926-2006. He pioneered the development of cardiopulmonary bypass in NZ.
   featured the character   
Brian Quigley
Played by Tony Doyle
Brian W. Aldiss
   has the middle name   
Science fiction Author
Brian Epstein
   has the middle name   
Rock Manager
Brian Boru
   is known as a   
King of Munster And High King of Ireland - killed 1014
Hometown USA (1979)
Gary Springer, Brian Kerwin and David Wilson
Director: Max Baer. Also starred Pat Delaney, Julie Parsons, Michael Prince and Deborah Richter.
Dance 'Til Dawn (1988)
Christina Applegate, Tempestt Bledsoe and Brian Bloom
Director: Paul Schneider. Also starred Tracey Gold, Alyssa Milano, Matthew Perry and Kelsey Grammer
First Blood (1982)
Slyvester Stallone, Richard Crenna and Brian Dennehy
Director: Ted Kotcheff. Also starred Michael Talbott and David Caruso
Brian De Palma
The Bonfire of the Vanities (1990)
Brian Trenchard-Smith
The Man From Hong Kong (1975)
Tommy Boy (1995)
Chris Farley, David Spade and Brian Dennehy
Director: Peter Segal
Life of Brian (1979)
Graham Chapman, John Cleese and Terry Jones
Director: Terry Jones. Also starred Eric Idle, Terry Jones & Michael Palin. Plot: Brian (Chapman) is born on the original Christmas, in the stable next door. He spends his life being mistaken for a messiah.
Life of Brian (1979)
   has the tagline   
Honk if You Love Brian
Life of Brian (1979)
   has the tagline   
The Film Was So Funny It Was Banned in Norway
Life of Brian (1979)
   has the tagline   
He Wasn't the Messiah. He Was a Very Naughty Boy
   is the stage name of   
Christopher Brian Bridges
American rapper
Brian Aherne
   was considered for the role of   
Peter Blood in Captain Blood (1935)
Errol Flynn got the part
Brian O'Driscoll
   is known as a   
Rugby Union Player
Brian Wilson
   is a   
Hamlet (1996)
Richard Attenborough, David Blair and Brian Blessed
Director: Kenneth Branagh. Also starred Kenneth Branagh, Richard Briers & Michael Bryant. Plot: Hamlet (Branagh), Prince of Denmark, returns home to find his father murdered and his mother remarrying the murderer, his uncle. Meanwhile, war is brewing.
The Street of Forgotten Men (1925)
Percy Marmont, Mary Brian and Neil Hamilton
Director: Herbert Brenon. Also starred John Harrington, Juliet Brenon & Josephine Deffry. Plot: Easy-Money Charley (Marmont), the best fake crippled beggar in New York, loses his beloved dog and adopts a dying prostitute's daughter to fill the empty place in his heart.
The Proclaimers Feat. Brian Potter & Andy Pipkin
   had a U.K. Number One single with   
I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)
25 March 2007 for 3 weeks
Brian Flannigan
   is a character in the song   
"(F)lannigan's Ball"
Dropkick Murphys
Life of Brian (1979)
Graham Chapman, John Cleese and Terry Gilliam
IMDB:8.2/10. Director: Terry Jones.
First Blood (1982)
Sylvester Stallone, Richard Crenna and Brian Dennehy
Rambo holes up in the woods, setting deadly booby traps for the sheriff's merry men. Revenge!
The Quatermass Experiment (1955)
Brian Donlevy, Jack Warner and Margia Dean
Beware of 'The Creeping Unknown'.
Brian Boitano
   appeared as themselves in the film   
Blades of Glory (2007)
Brian Anthony Boitano (born October 22, 1963) is an American figure skater from Sunnyvale, California. He is a four-time US National Champion (1985-1988), two-time World Champion (1986, 1988) and the 1988 Olympic gold medalist.
Brian Wilson
   played bass guitar in   
The Beach Boys
American, Rock
Brian Griffin
"Don't Worry, Lois. I'm Good at Finding People. I Was the One Who Found Bush After Hurricane Katrina."
Family Guy
Stoned (2005)
   is a film about   
Brian Jones
Portrayed by Leo Gregory
Brian McFadden & Delta Goodrem
Almost Here
2005 for 1 week
Brian McFadden
Just Say So
2010 for 3 weeks. Featuring Kevin Rudolf
Albus Dumbledore
   is known as   
Professor Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore
Grand Sorc., D. Wiz.,X.J.(sorc.),S. of Mag.Q., Order of Merlin - First Class
Albus Dumbledore
   has the middle name(s)   
Percival Wulfric Brian
Brian Mulroney

18th Prime Minister of Canada, 1984-1993
Brian Derbyshire
   had the nickname   
Brian Flanagan
   was played by Tom Cruise in   
Cocktail (1986)
Director, Roger Donaldson
Robert J. Lefkowitz and Brian K. Kobilka
   won for   
Studies of G-protein-coupled Receptors
Brian Floca
   won for   
Locomotive (2014)

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