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Alexander Pope
   owned a dog called   
Returning a Turfed Patient Back to Original Dept
The Big Bounce (2004)
Owen Wilson, Butch Helemano and Charlie Sheen
Director: George Armitage
Elmore Leonard
   wrote the book adapted for the film   
The Big Bounce (2004)
Based on the 1969 book
Billie's Bounce
   was released by   
Charlie Parker
1945 - inducted in 2002
Sheryl Swoopes
   wrote the autobiography   
Bounce Back
Bounce Lighting
   is described as   
Flash or Tungsten Light Bounced off a Reflector.
Running Bounce
   is used in   
Australian Rules Football
A skill in the sport of Australian rules football when a player, while running, bounces the ball on the ground and back to himself. This is necessary due to the ball having to touch the ground every fifteen metres whilst in play.
Kak Ayknetsya, Tak I Otkliknetsya.
How Echo is Prompted, It Will Bounce Back.
English version: People get what they deserve
Calvin Harris
   released the single   
Bounce (2011)
Featuring Kelis
Patient Who Keeps Returning to the Hospital
   featured the chalkboard gag   
"Goldfish Don't Bounce"
A Pitch That Bounces Before Reaching the Plate
Ball falls short of the 60’ 6” between the pitching rubber and the plate
   is used in   
A short pitched ball that bounces up to the batsman's head.
Double Bounce, Skier, Jogging Steps, X-to-Straddle
   are all   
Basic Jump Rope Skills
Tarkus, Benny The Bouncer, Trilogy
   are all   
Songs by Emerson, Lake & Palmer
Reflection, Refraction, Diffraction, Interference
   are all   
Ways Waves Bounce/Interact
Lou Holtz
"The Man Who Complains About the Way the Ball Bounces is Likely the One Who Dropped"
American author, television commentator, motivational speaker and former NCAA football and NFL head coach
The Way the Ball Bounces
The Way It Goes

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