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Boots Randolph

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Boots Randolph
Yackety Sax
Best known as the theme tune to the Benny Hill Show.
Boots Randolph
   is associated with the   
Biggest hit was 1963's "Yakety Sax" which became the theme song for "The Benny Hill Show"
Boots Randolph
   was a   
July 3rd. Saxophonist. His full given name was Homer Louis Randolph III. Session musician and saxophonist for Elvis Presley, Al Hirt, Jerry Lee Lewis and Roy Orbison. He had a hit in 1963 with "Yakety Sax", which was used as the closing music on "The Benny Hill Show". Age 80.
Boots Randolph
   is the stage name of   
Homer Randolph III
Saxophonist, biggest hit with Yakety Sax in 1963, 1927-2007 RIP

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