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   was formerly the capital of   
Moved back to Bissau, 1973 - 1974
Kij Johnson
   won the award for   
The Dream-Quest of Vellitt Boe (2017)
Best Novella
Boeing B-52
   military plane has the nickname   
Produced for the U.S. Air Force. First flight was on April 15, 1952. The country's first long-range, swept-wing heavy bomber. In all, 744 B-52s were produced between 1952 and 1962.
Boettcher Concert Hall
   is in   
Symphony hall in the round
   in Portuguese is   
112th Congress
   the Speaker was   
John Boehner
Ohio-8 -- January 5, 2011 to ____
Boehm Garbage Collector
   is a   
Memory Allocation/Deallocation Algorithm
Vaughan Williams
1 Oboe Concerto
Mieke De Boer
   had the nickname   
Boeing Aries 1B
   is a spacecraft in   
2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)
Lunar Transfer Vehicle
Boeuf Bourguignon
   is the French for   
Beef Stew With Red Wine
Opus 103
Octet for Oboes, Clarinets, Horns & Bassoons in E Flat Major
Revised in 1796 as String Quintet, op. 4
Boeing P-26
   military plane has the nickname   
Its first flight was March 20, 1932. The Peashooter could fly 27 mph faster than the biplane fighters. And climb faster. It was the fastest air-cooled pursuit fighter in the world. The last two models had fuel-injected engines. It was 23'7" long, had a wingspan of 28' and was less than 3,000 lbs. The machine guns were mounted low and shot through the propeller. With the gunsight mount it looked like a peashooter.
Province of New York
   was represented by   
Simon Boerum
County of Kings
Boeing KC-97
   military plane has the nickname   
Equipped with a boom for refueling other planes in flight.
New Brandenburg Collegium
Vivaldi: Oboe Concertos
Alex Klein, oboe; Cedille, 2010
The Boer War Began
Pits the British against the Boers, descendants of Dutch settlers in South Africa
   is the French for   
Consort of London
Vaughan Williams: Oboe Concerto and The Lark Ascending
Robert Clark, cone; Collins Classics, 2012
William Edward Boeing
   was born in   
Detroit, U.S.A.
1881-1956. In 1916 he helped found the Pacific Aero Products Company (now called the Boeing Company)
Vivaldi: Oboe Concerto in C
   was used in   
Being John Malkovich
Darius Milhaud
Le Boeuf Sur Le Toit
Op.58, 1919
   is hobo slang for   
An Old Hobo That Mooches off Other Hoboes
Boeuf Au Gros Sel
   is the French for   
Boiled Beef
With vegetables and coarse salt
Julia Child
   is known for   
Boeuf Bourguignon
Beef in red wine sauce, a classic French dish. While she didn't invent this dish she did make it famous and it characterised her style of cooking. She is the co-founder of the American Institute of Wine and Food. Started L'ecole des Trois Gourmandes", a cooking school in 1951 with Simone Beck and Louisette Bertholle. In 1963 Child's TV show, "The French Chef" was a huge success and remained on the air for decades.
Adriaan Floriszoon Boeyens
   is the birth name of   
Adrian VI
The only Dutch Pope
Boeing B-47
   military plane has the nickname   
In production from 1947 to 1956 - for the U.S. Air Force. The B-47 needed defensive armament only in the rear because no fighter was fast enough to attack from any other angle. Every large jet aircraft today is a descendant of the B-47.
Zulu, Sepoy, Boer, Sudan, Lucknow
   are all   
Little Wars of the British Empire’s Victorian Period
Boehm's Gerbil
   has the Latin name   
Gerbilliscus Boehmi
Found in Angola, Burundi and Mozambique
Longrain Modern Thai Food
   was written by   
Martin Boetz
Hurrah for the CRE
   relates to the   
Boer War
“We're working very hard down at Upnor Hard”
The Oboe
   is a member of the   
Woodwind Section
A double reed musical instrument. In English prior to 1770, the instrument was called "hautbois", "hoboy", or "French hoboy" (haut meaning high or loud) (bois meaning wood or woodwind). The name "oboe" was adopted from the Italian "oboè" around 1770.
1 Oboe Sonata
   was named after   
William Boeing
The Bushmen’s Corps
   relates to the   
Boer War
“And a match for the Boer I'll be!”
Bunche, Powell, URL, Boelter, Kinsey,Ackerman, Dodd, Franz, Knudsen, Murphy, Royce, Schoenberg
   are all   
UCLA Buildings
Breaker Morant (1979)
Boer War, 1901
Alexei Ogrintchouk
Bach: Oboe Concertos
With the Swedish Chamber Orchestra; BIS, 2010
Jane Jarboe
   has been a vocalist in   
Anglo-Boer War
   occurred during   
Boeing B-29
   military plane has the nickname   
The Enola Gay is a B-29. Produced fom 1942 to 1946 for the U.S. Army Air Forces.
Boeing B-17
   military plane has the nickname   
Flying Fortress
U.S. Army Air Corps 1939. Designed for a 1934 USAAC competition. The winning design was intended to be for a multi-engined bomber used mostly as a coastal-defense aircraft. The British Royal Air Force were the first to fly the B-17 in combat.
San Jose Sharks
   has the head coach   
Peter DeBoer
   in French is   
   belongs to   
1,411 sq. mi.
Boeuf Musqué
   is French for   
Musk Ox
Canadian arctic
The Consolation of Philosophy
   was written by   
Severinus Boethius
One of the most influential books of the Middle Ages
A Slender Woodwind Instrument

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