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H&R Block
   was named after   
Henry W. Bloch & Richard Bloch
Ernest Bloch
Hebrew Rhapsody for cello and orchestra, 1916
Ernest Bloch
In the Night
Love poem for piano, 1922
Ernest Bloch
Suite Hebraïque
For violin or viola and piano, 1953
   is birth year of   
Ernest, d. 1959
Camille Bloch Switzerland Ragusa
   is located in   
Founded 1929
Ernest Bloch
   was born in   
1880-1959, composed the opera "Macbeth"
Konrad Bloch and Feodor Lynen
   won for work on   
Regulation of the Cholesterol and Fatty Acid Metabolism
Ernest Bloch
Concerto Symphonique
For piano and orchestra, 1946-8
Ernest Bloch
Concerto Grosso No. 2
For string quartet and string orchestra
"Bloch: Schelomo"
   was released by   
The Philadelphia Orchestra
1940 - inducted in 1999
Winghead Shark
   has the Latin name   
Eusphyra Blochii

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